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  1. Re: Fixes for Liverpool (From a non-fan) Understandable. I did briefly postulate that new owners would have to come in and spend some money. The Higuain acquisition was an exchange for Torres. I think Madrid would do it if, like I said, you made the price a little lower than Ribery. I like Higuain, too, but it all depends on what you find more attractive, Torres and Benz or Higuain and Benz? And does the Negredo buy-back play into this? I agree with the idea of Marc Janko, and I don't understand why no one has yet to give him a serious shot. Especially as an Everton fan, if I won the lotter
  2. Re: Fixes for Liverpool (From a non-fan) Some I'd certainly agree with. Di Maria in particular I think will be manning the left wing as the successor to Ryan Giggs. I have heard however, at least rumors of Liverpool keeping tabs on Chamakh, and Toulalan will leave Lyon when his contract is up (call me out if I'm wrong). I don't think that most of the transfers I suggested were improbable. Who amongst them would you be skeptical of? Most of those players are at clubs you would still put "below" the level of a Liverpool, and most of it was financed by selling Torres. Also I just watched t
  3. Re: Fixes for Liverpool (From a non-fan) Not actually intended but rather funny nonetheless. I blanked that game out of my memory it seems. I still think Kuyt is somewhere south of rubbish. I do love Benayoun though--Liverpool just seem like a much more dangerous, active team when he's in there. Dirk Kuyt's thought process in a game; "Okay....yeah.....yeah....got the ball....okay run hard with it....oh, here comes a defender....okay run harder but this time go really wide around him....yeah....yeah....okay let's cross this one......cmon Dirk don't kick it over the back line...c'mon Dirk k
  4. Re: Fixes for Liverpool (From a non-fan) Not true, I left the following bench players Cavallieri Skrtel Maxwell (as part of the Masch deal, may be someone else I was just suggesting you get a player back) Lucas Benayoun N'Gog Plus I didn't know what to do with Riera And a veteran striker/strong youth player That was the bench I left, and certainly looks better than what you thought, no?
  5. Re: Fixes for Liverpool (From a non-fan) That's a rather poor accusation to make (if directed at me). I can't use the languate I'd like to direct at you if you're saying I copy/paste. And yes, I have a bad habit of using the word "we" when referring to sports. There's a lot of us, mind you.
  6. Re: Fixes for Liverpool (From a non-fan) Benayoun or Babel is an interesting debate, but you're not going to lure a 36 year old Pipo from Italy and solve your scoring options. Also if you bring in Guti and sell Gerrard you are MASSIVELY downgrading your midfield. I like Guti but he's on the wrong side of 30. Guti-Lucas-Aquilani-Babel-Kuyt certainly doesn't strike fear in the hearts of stalwart opponents. I'm still mixed on Mertesacker, I don't get to watch many German games let alone Werder. Maybe Bruno Alves is the better choice? I'd revise and go Alves if he was a significantly faster play
  7. Re: Walcott trade help I don't see Dembele as ever being better than Benz, Higuain, Dzeko. I also don't see Hangeland as ever being better than Pique, Silva, or Vermaelen at least. So I'd say do it if you like Walcott actually, as you aren't losing anything you really need.
  8. Re: Walcott trade help Walcott has a higher ceiling (my opinion) than the other two players. Should go to the World Cup as long as he regains fitness, and provides a good service as an off the bench attacking winger with more ball skills than a Beckham. Although he could move down the order if Lennon is on the bench/more match fit than Walcott. The deal depends on your team. If you're still Arsenal, I might hold off for a few weeks to see if Walcott gets back into the first team. He's a Wing/Fwd (right?) and I like his versatility, too. If you're a mid-level club and the other two players r
  9. Re: Who will be better... Tevez/Ade aren't going to rise immediately, you'll have to wait for them to enter the Champs League. You certainly want to dump Inzaghi and Nihat as they have no chance of re-rising due to age/other conditions. Any younger 89 striker would make sense long-term. Mutu -- 92 Henry -- 93 VDV -- 92/91 (although he just earned a starting spot it seemed before getting hurt, shame) Kaka -- 96/97, I just don't find him as effective for club anymore. Dinho -- 92/93, playing brilliantly lately but might be too late to stave off a decent drop. I would actually go with Ad
  10. Re: I can have ANY of these. Please help me choose who Yikes that's a doozy of a list, if only because you have some tough choices. You've got a few sub-groups sort of. Consistent Performers; Emanuelson Llorente Jurado Oft starters/sometimes Substitutes; Rakitic Canella Marcano The Talented, High Profile Guy who is underperforming/making his coach mad and is probably going to leave in the summer so who knows; Ben Arfa Personally I like Llorente and Jurado. Llorente could be an impact sub for La Roja during the world cup, as I think he's more match-fit than Bojan and Guiza isn't fe
  11. Re: transfer help Are you using Silva as a Winger in the midfield or a Fwd? I'd accept anyways, you're getting two very good players and a little cash.
  12. Re: Help with the formtions and tactics.... I don't think I've ever seen em injured, but I'd assume they can be. Plus if you get the fixtures backed up and all of a sudden you're playing a game where your 90 rated GK is at 85%, you're usually better off going with the fully fit guy.
  13. Re: Help with the formtions and tactics.... 2 GKs and a young prospect GK is all you need. I guess sell De Sanctis since he's older, Howard should be one of the better GKs in the game but SM's vague capping system limits him since he plays on Everton.
  14. Re: Help with the formtions and tactics.... Aye you just beat me to it, when I started the reply the post was still un-replied to.
  15. Re: Help with the formtions and tactics.... Sell; Maxwell -- He's peaked at 92, and while hurt a 91 is likely. Zanetti -- If only because he doesn't have very long left in his career. Cazorla -- Yes, he was hurt, but he hasn't been playing great and you have 3 other wingers. Kanoute -- If you can get good value, he's getting old and will be gone for the Cup of Nations, and if Negredo wins his spot he'll have much reduced time. Babel -- I personally think he's garbage, and would sell him for the right deal, especially you can find someone who's high on him. Keep; Rafinha -- He's moving
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