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  1. Re: nani and martin lee nani, did well in first season at united a few good goals, but trys to copy ronaldo in the way he goes about his game and to me just isnt the player he was made out to be.
  2. had a number of bids come in for him, currently a 90 rating at c.s.k.a were i manage. what do you think is likly to happen to him, and is 11 million a good price to sell him on for? thans in advance.
  3. Re: CHYHRYNSKY, Dmytro signed him a week or 2 ago, 1 for the future, lets hope he hits 90 soon.
  4. Re: keita yeah, well i normally play an attacking mid and then carrick but ill try him this week and then put in the bid cheers for that
  5. Re: keita would you play him in a 4 man midfield with carrick though ?
  6. have the chance to buy him for 10 million, would you say thats a good deal? currently in my central midfield position i have : - Carrick De jong Keita ( on loan) Souza Dzagoev
  7. Re: gerard pique great news this guys i picked him up really cheap...
  8. currently an 88 is he likly to go up anytime soon? noticed he played against chelsea last week, is he making an impact over at the camp nou.
  9. Re: carragher thanks for your opinions guys appreciate it. didnt go through my chairman wasnt happy with the deal, drainer haha
  10. Re: carragher theyve accepted it so we will just have to see iv it goes through... fingers crossed. im a united fan but hes been top notch for liverpool this season
  11. Re: carragher it is me who has offered the deal for carragher the 27 mill plus player would that be a good deal or should i look around for someone else?
  12. currenly a 94 in my league, is he likely to rise with the form liverpool have been in this season or stay at 94 27 mill and vasli berzutsky ( or however u spell it) for him would you say thats too much ?
  13. Re: Alan dzageov thanks guys, appreciate that
  14. currently at 87 for me at c.s.k.a got him loaned out at the moment... is he likly to rise soon ?
  15. likely to go up or down ? both currently at 90
  16. currently at 89 is he going to rise anytime soon ?
  17. Re: Top 4. Man U & Chelsea Overrated. Pool & Gunners Underrated what does everyone think of carrick going to 92? is that to high or should he have gone to a 93 ?
  18. been offered them both for micah richards now an 89 would this be good business on my view and will both of them rise ?
  19. Re: de jong and berg would both be worth keeping hold of ? or should i try and offload de jong and buy someone like muntari
  20. nigel de jong and marcus berg in my squad wondering if they will rise de jong currently a 91 and berg a 89
  21. have him at c.s.k.a someone has offered me 50 milion for him.... only thing is i want a quality replacement and not many people are willing to sell there best players for example people like, kaka etc, are unbuyable... wilol he rise anytime soon and is he worth keeping hold of ?
  22. have a decent c.s.k.a team built from nothing and have brought in both youth and experiance with the little money i was had.. just wondering if amr zaki is worth keeping, 88 rated what will he rise to ? and also danny kovermans is rated 90 what will happen to his rating ?
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