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  1. On 7/7/2021 at 5:46 PM, thorgan lesar said:


    1. AnthonyKegher17 - 105
    2. Milanista - 85
    3. The Mad Hatter - 84
    4. Sharkdan - 70
    5. Thorgan Lesar - 64
    6. Crvena_zvezda - 40
    7. Patron - 9

    @AnthonyKegher17 @Milanista1 @The Mad Hatter @sharkdan @crvena_zvezda @Patron

    Now the final...

    Italy - England

    Right team => 6 points

    Right score => 30 points ! 

    Still points to get to predict the winner before the tournament started..


    Italy win 3-2?

  2. 4 hours ago, thorgan lesar said:

    Now I want you guys that you predict the right result in these games...

    It will be 10 points for right score but you still get 3 points for predicting right team.

    For example...
    Italy - Austria
    I predict 0-1 for Austria.

    The right result:
    Italy - Austria 0-2
    I got not the right result, but the right team. I got 3 points.

    Italy - Austria 0-1
    I got the right result and the right team. I got 13 points.

    Italy - Austria 2-0
    I got zero points.


    Switzerland - Spain
    Belgium - Italy
    Czech Republic - Denmark
    Ukrain - England

    @AnthonyKegher17 @Patron @crvena_zvezda @Milanista1 @The Mad Hatter @sharkdan

    Switzerland - Spain

    Spain, 3-0

    Belgium - Italy


    Italy, 2-2 but win ok PKs

    Czech Republic - Denmark


    Denmark, 1-0

    Ukraine - England


    England, 3-2


    yeesh this is hard!


  3. 5 hours ago, Kieran_S91 said:

    Here it is, my MUST BUY 11, just for fun.

    I would have to say it’s a relatively obscure team but a lot of well known faces


    One of the best young keepers in world football, some might call him a cat.

    Bags of flair up front but the team lacks pace heavily in defence, we have Jabba holding who isn’t the most mobile of players and Pink Panther who snuffs out danger well 🔍 

    Couldn't find a decent LW so had to use the versatility of Donald Duck, it’s water of a ducks back to him so I’m sure he will be fine.

    In all seriousness I will do a proper one and get back to you 😁

    I'm really in need of a good RB, and I'm sure Peppa would do just the job. Would surely get a +1 for his snorting this past season 🤣 And heyyyy! Replace "Flintstone" with Rodrigues, I'd very much appreciate it 😥


    Anyways, Marcos Llorente, Joao Cancelo, or Jose Gimenez?

  4. 23 hours ago, thorgan lesar said:


    1. AnthonyKegher17 - 55
    2. Milanista - 51
    3. The Mad Hatter - 47
    4. Sharkdan - 39
    5. Thorgan Lesar - 37

    Oh wow!



    Belgium - Portugal
    Portugal, 2-1


    Italy - Austria

    Italy, 3-0

    The Netherlands - Czech Republic

    The Netherlands, 1-0

    Wales - Denmark

    Denmark, 2-1

    France - Switzerland

    France, 3-1

    Croatia - Spain

    Spain, 1-0

    Sweden - Ukraine

    Sweden, 1-0

    England - Germany


    Germany, 3-2



    Turkey wins
    Italy & Wales draw

    1. Italy 7
    2. Wales 5
    3. Turkey 3
    4. Switzerland 1


    Denmark wins
    Belgium wins

    1. Belgium 9
    2. Denmark 3
    3. Russia 3
    4. Finland 1


    Austria wins
    The Netherlands wins

    1. The Netherlands 9
    2. Austria 6
    3. Ukraine 3
    4. North Macedonia 0


    Croatia and Scotland draw
    England wins

    1. England 7
    2. Czech Republic 4
    3. Croatia
    4. Scotland 2


    Spain wins
    Sweden and Poland Draw

    1. Sweden 5
    2. Spain 5
    3. Slovakia 3
    4. Poland 2


    France and Portugal draw
    Germany wins

    1. Germany 6
    2. France
    3. Portugal 4
    4. Hungary 1

  6. 6 hours ago, Kieran_S91 said:

    Belgium v Denmark (First half) - They won’t win the Euros, can’t string two passes together.

    Belgium v Denmark (Second Half) - They are phenomenal, my favourites for the Euros 🤣

    De Bruyne = Game changer, Hazard not bad either lol

    Hey not gonna lie, I was thinking EXACTLY this during the game... (first 45: Belgium are trash! -- second 45: Belgium are actually pretty good!)

    3 hours ago, shrey04 said:

    De Jong 93 in this review?


    11 hours ago, Kieran_S91 said:

    Hi guys,

    La Liga best XI prospects and risers, with the Spanish review incoming rapidly after numerous edits on Swiki, I’ve decided to announce this team.


    Hope this team can be of use for some of you managers, obviously the top talents like Pedri and Moriba are more than likely unavailabile.

    Cheers Kieran 😁

    Thanks so much! So in my GW Pedri is transfer banned until the 20th. Will he be reviewed by then so I should just get the others before they rise? Or is it safe to wait? Thanks!😁

  7. 22 hours ago, Kieran_S91 said:

    Lorenzo Insigne’s Uber 😂


    Thought that was pretty cool!

    41 minutes ago, Milanista1 said:

    @Sir Rahul I'm confused. 😕

    You were in our GW (AK 17's GW) then resigned? Plus there's a manager (with a similar DP to you) who (i'm sure) took over as BM manager after you gave in your resignation.

    You have no association to him, right?

    P.S. I apologize for my confusion/implying anything negative.Screenshot_20210608-224707.thumb.png.47a26135a63f946cb555423c9dc6d983.pngScreenshot_20210608-224719.thumb.png.9e2c47b7e2c5d15bd72287891fb57cc1.png

    Yeah I offered him the manager job to keep the gameworld populated

    27 minutes ago, Sir Rahul said:

    Yeah that's me. He offered it to me, some bug means I can't reject applications so need to accept and quit. 

    Sorry about that

  8. Euro 2020 predictions: 
    Winner: France
    2nd place: Belgium or Portugal
    Dark horse: Wales
    Top scorer: Cristiano Ronaldo
    Best player: Mbappe
    Best U-21 player: Phil Foden
    Not very well known player to surprise: Nuno Mendes

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