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  1. Rating change for Liam Delap? Thanks.
  2. Thanks so much! Happy to see all these young players you and @thorgan lesarrecommended are rising like expected, building a good youth team thanks to you 😁 Salah and Kane for now. I agree.
  3. @Kieran_S91Do you think Rudiger will get a 92? Also, (anyone) please rank these: Pique, Upamecano, Rudiger, De Ligt, Zakarika, and Skriniar. Thanks! 😁
  4. Anybody have Edmond Tapsoba for a +1? Looking for a long-term replacement that will reach 92 soon and thinking of him. According to Football Critic, the best CB in the world right now! Thanks!😁
  5. Would Bentancur also be with that list? I'm looking to sell Pjanic before they review Spain and need someone that could rise to a 92 soon. Thanks 😁 I was watching that game, rather unfortunate for me that France conceded last minute!
  6. Rise? - Yerry Tielemans - Julian Brandt - Wilfried Ndidi - Lorenzo Pellegrini - Frederico Valverde - Rodrigo Bentancur - Denis Zakaria - Christopher Nkunku Is Melo Arthur safe-safe? (As in get him over any risers in this list) Merci beacoup! 😁
  7. Swap Griezmann and Aubameyang for Harry Kane? Both are aging and are probably going to be falling soon. Memphis Depay +1? (If so, I'll replace Griezmann with Depay) Thanks! 😁
  8. Hm... when I think about it not really because 1 day doesn't make much of a difference 😆
  9. If I played one of my players with a swollen foot who is due back on Monday and I play on Sunday, would it have much of an effect on their performance? Thanks! 😁
  10. I'm sure that if Oldham Athletic went on a crazy winning dream and somehow made it to the Champions League final and Conor McAleny missed the last PK of the game, and I said he deserves a +100 you would feel worse even after the sadness of your team losing. 😕
  11. Nervous watching this Europa League Final... (GO UNITED!!!!🔴) Scott McTominay or Emre Can? Thanks! 😁
  12. I think so too! One of his best PL seasons statistics-wise.
  13. Crazy Championship Sunday! Somehow Chelsea managed to make top 4 even though they lost and Gareth Bale a brace in the final 10 minutes to keep Leicester out of top-4!! I'm glad for Elanga 😁
  14. Oh wow! Robert Lewandwoski scored today to break Gerd Muller's record of 40 goals in a season! This man is phenomenal... will he get a 98?
  15. Any rating changes for Gareth Bale? Thanks! 😁
  16. Didn't even bother to read the post to submit a bid... just saw " MUST BUY TALENT ALERT"!😀 Thanks Kieran
  17. Is your favorite player the whole MU squad including Phil Jones? 😂

  18. Any strikers to 93 in the next review? Thanks again! 😁
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