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  1. Ah yes it is like that for me too on the old interface (I usually use the new interface).
  2. Anytime soon now, and probably a +1 too! What a header.
  3. I noticed how good this guy is too, and one game I was watching he made so many interceptions it was hard to count!😁 I think max cash is good.
  4. I'm thinking of selling Zubeldia and De Paul for Phil Foden (Foden's manager drives a hard bagain). Does that sound like a good deal? Or would I be better off keeping those two?
  5. I'd say so. If you look at both lineups of their best ratings, it'd look like this: Liverpool probably win ratings, but, well, looking at it now, I don't quite know who's better...
  6. Savic - Yes De Vrij - Maybe Niguez - Stay
  7. Hard one... I'd go with Bayern because they have a lot of good players & young players with much potential. Some older Liverpool players could experience drops soon but at the same time they have good players that will be safe for a while and also young players like TAA.
  8. Rating-wise, short-term, long-term, in SM or real life, in what way?
  9. One or the other (and rating change if expected): E. Tapsoba - J. Matip M. Locatelli - M. Veretout Rating change? D. Alli E. Can A. Wan-Bissaka J. Bowen
  10. I'm thinking of swapping Aubameyang for Mahrez. Sounds like a good idea? Will Igor Zubeldia rise? (If not, I will sell him) Thanks! 😁
  11. Onana, Simon, Maignan, or Meret? Thanks! 😁
  12. United manager proposed to swap his Pogba and Charlie Mcneil for my Ilkay Gundogan. Accept, right? I know Pogba's rating is probably safe and Gundogan is going to a 93. Or something I'm missing? Thanks! 😁
  13. Fabian Ruiz, Mateo Kovacic, or Donny van de Beek? Thanks😁
  14. Probably drop to a 95, it seems No probably not
  15. Don't need anymore confirmation on my bid to swap Sterling for Salah! πŸ™‚
  16. When playing the 4-2-3-1 B formation, is it necessary/more helpful to have an attacking arrow on your #10? Like below: Thanks! 😁
  17. Trio Mbappe yes, I don't think so for Messi though.
  18. Nope I don't know. John Stones or Mats Hummels?
  19. Thanks so much for your help, Thorgan! I invested in some of these players and they are proving well. 😁
  20. W. Fofana or E. Garcia? Thanks 😁
  21. Ok thanks. 😁 The club is external though.
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