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  1. Ok so I'm making the bid to buy Haaland. A little confusing... so buy Haaland or keep Jesus and Pedro?
  2. Swap Pedro Porro + Jesus + 2m for Haaland?
  3. Are there any CBs that will keep a 92/93 or rise to a 92/93 with a value less than 10m? Thanks! 😁
  4. He's on loan at Rochdale, but his parent club is Man City
  5. I don't think Chelsea will let me take Azpilecueta but is Giovanni Di Lorenzo's rating safe, or up/down? Thanks! 😁
  6. Hey guys, are there any other backups RB besides Cuadrado that will be safe for at least a little while that are less than 15m? Somehow he slipped out of my mind and I forgot to add him to my shortlist, and another manager bought him when I didn't know. Thanks! 😁
  7. Skriniar or Laporte? Either of them to get a +1? Cuadrado +1? Llorente +1 or +2? Muller +1? Swap Rodri for De Jong (midfield)? Thanks! 😁
  8. These are all Man City players out on loan. Keep or Sell: - Filip Stefanovic - Jack Harrison - Nahuel Bustos - Ante Palaversa - Slobodan Tedic - Patrick Roberts - Daniel Arzani - Luka Ilic - Matt Smith - Pablo Moreno - Ryotaro Meshino - Luke Bolton - Nahuel Ferraresi Thanks! 😁
  9. Anyone know when Will Fish will be added? Anthony Elanga is there but not him. Thanks! 😁
  10. Will either Benjamin Mendy or Luke Shaw get a +1? Man City risers? Sterling or Salah? Nathan Ake: Keep or sell? B. Silva or Niguez?
  11. Illan Meslier or Dean Henderson? Thanks! 😁
  12. Any rating changes for Thiago, Wijnaldum, Henderson, Casemiro, Pogba, Verratti, B. Silva, Goretzka or Nìguez? And if possible, rank them in order of squad-worthy? Any rating changes for Hazard, Gnabry or Rashford? Benzema or Augero? Thanks! 😁
  13. If I sell Pique, who should I buy of the three of these: - Emre Can - Antonio Rudiger - Felipe (Ateltico) Will any of them rise in the next review? Thanks! 😁
  14. In the midfielder long-term Hakim Ziyech or Marcelo Brozovic? Will any of them get a +1 in the next review? Thanks! 😁 You guys are the best.
  15. YES!!! yeS!!!!!!!😁😁 I'm glad United and the rest of the clubs did the right thing, but still unhappy they tried to begin with. Manchester United to withdraw from European Super League | Manchester United (manutd.com)
  16. At the defensive position, who is best: De Jong, Lenglet, De Ligt, or Ruben Dias? And will any of them get a rise in the next review? Thanks! 😁
  17. Should I swap Miralem Pjanic + cash for Georginho Wijnaldum? Thanks 😁
  18. I entirely disagree with this whole concept of a "super league" too. It just sounds wrong. Just about any of these teams playing against each other is called a big match now-a-days. If this is created, it won't be too long before the Manchester Derby just seems like Burnley vs. Brighton! (no offense to these two clubs). Greedy club owners just coming for the money.πŸ˜•
  19. Is it a good idea to sell Hans Hateboer and buy Aaron-Wan Bissaka, Konrad Laimer, or Thilo Kehrer? If so, which of the three and any of them to rise? And also will Paul Pogba (one of my favorite soccer players of all time) get the left-attacking midfielder position if he keeps playing there for United? Thanks! 😁
  20. Thanks! 😁 I bought him a while ago when you first mentioned him, I'm glad he's still playing well. Thanks for keeping tabs on him and letting us know!
  21. Wow. It definetly looks a little targeted against the lower-league teams. NY Times did a pretty good job of explaning it if anyone doesn't know what the new thing is yet https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2021/03/29/sports/soccer/champions-league-new-format.html
  22. The first one Seems as if you forgot what I said about the question marks... and no he's played decent but not enough for a +1 Both of them have played well for Inter, so either or both Not for now Any concerns or anything? Otherwise I don't know why Nkunku and Botman, I'd say see this:
  23. Exactly what I was thinking when I saw that. Makes no sense whatsoeverπŸ™„ Nkambadio, Vutsoc, Isenko, or Franchi? All goalkeepers ages 18-17. Thanks! Is Souza Maicon or Makoto Hasbe going to fall soon? Thanks!😁
  24. I don't know if I've said this or not, but I currently have Mohamed Salah. Somehow, he's got Level 4 concern and I am currently in the run of playing him in every game and making him captain, free kick taker and penalty taker. Is it worth the risk to keep his condition up and keep rotating the side, or just run him game after game until he's dead or goes down to Level 3 concern? Thanks!😁
  25. Will Rodri of City rise to a 93 if* City win the league or CL? Thanks!😁 *I still have belief in United! 😁
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