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  1. It seems as if it just happened recently... so if I'm not a gold manager and it does an SMFA game, it now affects the players condition?
  2. For now yes... (i) I think they drop every time their age goes up? Yes Traore and Reynolds
  3. Does anyone know how to make projections for what the table will look like at the end of a season in a way that's not too complicated? In a gameworld, I mean. Thanks! 😁
  4. I don't quite know about a 94... but a 93 seems realistic Yes, especially if City win the CL
  5. Who is more stable long-term: Brozovic or Pjanic?
  6. Perisic, Sarabia, Rebic, Shaarawy Like the others said, sell him! Rodri, doing spectacular with City this season I would think so, he's been a rock!
  7. Sell Or Keep: - Jean Clair Todibo - Juan Miranda - Hiroki Abe - Alex Collado - Konrad De La Fuente - Iliax Moriba - Ludovit Reis - Monchu Rodriguez - Riqui Puig Thanks! 😁
  8. Okay, so the deal is either... Busquets + Pjanic for Koke Or Busquets + 20m for Koke
  9. Mendes (Sporting CP) given age. By the way, I think only 1 question mark is necessary. More than that makes it seem very urgent/impatient/aggressive you could say, or as if you've already said it before but go no answer. 😀
  10. I think he means essential the player has two ratings: Their higher rating in their main position, and then, when put in a position aside from that, their rating changes to fit that position. For example, Ramos may have a 95 at CB, but when you put him at RB, he has a 90 or something, but still in black. @russj That sounds like a very good idea I wish they had that!! 😄 If they could be rated for main position, secondary positions, and just have a 0 where they have not played yet/have not played in recently. But I understand that would be hard to make for every player.
  11. Hey guys, I found a player comparison site that might help when comparing two players: https://one-versus-one.com/en/compare-players Keep in mind that this is only short-term. Hope it helps! 😁
  12. Grealish at the moment Not sure; haven't heard of him before, but he seems pretty promising from what I'm reading. Potential around 92.
  13. Well... Busquets + Pjanic? I haven't quite worked out the details yet, but it should be attainable. Or it might be Busquets + 12m.
  14. I may be a United fan, but atm I'd go with Foden and cash.
  15. Niguez or Koke +1? hopefully @Milanista1would be willing to sell either one in the gw... Wijnaldum -1? B. Silva +1 to 94? Kante to keep 94? (hopefully for me) Brozovic or Eriksen + 1? Any midfielders to a 93 or a 94 in the next review? Finally, how bad will Augero's plummet be? Will he at least be a 93 by the end of the year? I want to sell Griezmann for him, I guess I just like Augero better and he's a 94. Plus, I would gain 12million in the process. Thanks! 😁
  16. Hopefully the Bayern manager doesn't know this, thanks!
  17. At LB, Alphonso Davies or Jordi Alba? Will Alba drop, Davies rise? Raphael Guerriro +1? Thanks! 😁😬
  18. The website for this gameworld is coming soon! Join today!
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