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  1. I have a few more questions (looking to strengthen my side for the next season): 1. Who is more stable at a 92? Gerard Pique or Leonardo Bonucci? 2. Who is more stable at 95? Ter Stegen or Manuel Neuer? 3. Is it worth buying Haaland for Griezmann + 13m? 4. Legnlet or De Vrij? 5. Is Mats Hummels stable at 93? Plays a similar position to De Jong (D, DM). 6. Will De Jong jump to a 93 in the next review? 7. Out of these, who should I swap for Bruno Fernandes? Thanks! 😁
  2. Can't watch because it's not on Fox Sports anymore, and sad that Davies got a red. But happy for Lewandowski scoring a brace again!!😁
  3. Really wish I could be watching Bayern again this season.😒Last season I could, but not this one even though this one is probably even better!
  4. Will Wan-Bissaka rise in the next review? Surely he should! If so, +1 or +2? Thanks! 😁
  5. Yes, if you go to this link you can play with the old interface: https://www.soccermanager.com/my-home I use it every once in a while but not very much.
  6. Okay, I'll get to it soon, thanks! πŸ˜„
  7. Would it be necessary to swap Koulibaly for Varane before it's too late?😁
  8. Found it! πŸ˜„ @gyanthecat Is it full, or are there still some clubs left?
  9. Can't quite find it, but thanks! πŸ˜€ I'll keep looking.
  10. Hi guys, I apologize for asking a question about something not related to SM players and ratings, but do you know of any game worlds that will open up soon consisting of empty squads? Looking for a good competitive game world once I finish a season. Thanks! 😁
  11. Thanks guys! 😁Hoping to formulate a deal with the Liverpool manager and keeping a tab on De Vrij.
  12. Looking for a right-back, preferably one that can play in more than just that position. Of these four, which should I go for? Any on the rise soon? -Alderwiereld -Fabinho -De Vrij -Cuardrado Thanks! 😁
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