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  1. Would you guys say Tammy Abraham + 3.5M for Dejan Kulusevski a good deal? I have some doubts with this transfer, hoping the Serie A player can perform in real life? Maybe an increase from 88 to 90 Max end of the season
  2. Charlie McNeil Age - 17 Club - Manchester United Position - CF Nationality - England He has 600 Goals in him on the youth level, joined Manchester United at £750,000 from Rivals Manchester City He has currently 8 Goals in 10 Games in the U18 Premier League. He is not in the game as he yet hasn't made a First team appearance however when he does I believe he is going to have a bright promising future Starting Rating: 74 - 78 Links to his performances: https://youtu.be/k5ES1I0M7tw https://youtu.be/no_D15VMSzA
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