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  1. In the EPL outside of City, which defenders are due a rise?
  2. There very few forwards playing today I put before Haaland. Even Sonny atm may be 94 but Haaland long term will rise above that
  3. CIES. They were my go to before I found this goldmine of a forum.
  4. Very interesting rating since January 1st. Seeing the likes of Jorginho as the highest PL players make me feel he could go 92 again in the next review.
  5. Any rumours on Depay next season? Heard Barca but not sure if I should buy him until he moves. He available in my gameworld, swapping Vardy for Depay. Good deal?
  6. What's the potential on Kayky? Read a few articles on him been the next big thing for Brazil now.
  7. Kulu, Vinicius will slowly disappear imo when Madrid spent this summer
  8. I'm still shocked they gave him the 92.
  9. Is there much of a rise for a player winning the Europa league? Know your big guns 92+ won't see a rise but say the likes of Ajax won it. Could we see Gravenberch 85 rise to 88/89 or high rated guys like Tagliafico 91 go to 92?
  10. @Sir Rahul surprise with your early predicts that Chiesa won't hit 92. He is hands down their 2nd best player imo this season? 92 too soon after his 91? And if Juve do sneak inter for the title would that change?
  11. Any early numbers on the current Leicester squad?
  12. Any early predicts on Juve? I feel like there won't be many risers but any falls? Is Ronaldo at risk?
  13. Varane won't improve on 94 and Benzema days are numbers after this summer imo. De Vrij and Bastoni both to rise in the next Italian review I think as well. So honestly what you need one solid defender or two 🤣
  14. Is there a chance VVD will drop in the next review?
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