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  1. Any prediction on one of our final 4 in the champions league if they win it? (Anyone but City for me)

    I feel like Chelsea players will get a good rise, the young guys like Mount and James but also felt Jorginho drop to 91 was harsh and deserves his 92 back.

    PSG similar the young guys getting Dagba stands out for me. But Di Maria, Draxler, all have had gametime over the year and both looked good in each leg against Bayern

    Madrid and City seem obvious for their rises and stay as is. 


  2. 5 hours ago, gyanthecat said:

    Thank you for your trust, I am flattered, I will try my best! :D

    So, Skriniar is honestly one of the strongest defenders I have ever seen in 1vs1. It's incredibly difficult to get past him because of his aggressiveness on the ball (or on the attacker, if needed). He's very effective defensively, although he occasionally indulges in distractions, which is something he needs to improve.

    His biggest and obvious weakness is knowing what to do with the ball, which is quite natural for the type of player he is. To tell the truth, though, he's been working on it a lot since Conte coaches Inter, and his growth is undeniable. In recent months, he's improved a lot with the ball, even daring more difficult passes and several successful dribbles. However, the position of third CB is not ideal for him, but the 3-man defence has become a widespread fashion in Italian teams, so he has to get along with it as long as he stays there. In my opinion, as a CB in a 4-man defence, he would easily become one of the top 5/6 defenders in the world.

    Strongly agree with all points here. The 3 backs isn't his best position but he has come on since 12 months ago. 

    While Bastoni is the perfect type of player for that system. 

  3. Things are a little strange with Romagnoli. Didn't start yesterday against Roma, Maldini came out and said he was rested due to so many games. Come on total BS. I don't see him starting for the Italians at the Euros as well. 

    Edit: I thought Tomori played very well, great intensity

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