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  1. I see Ibanez rising if Roma go get top 4. He been a regular in the defence
  2. I know where you're coming from but imo his stats these last 3 years speak for himself. I would have him at 94 now.
  3. I really like Soyuncu, but he in a battle for a place when Fofana returns from injury and Evans playing very well. Added to that it's about time SM stops been so against Leicester. Vardy is due a rise for years at this stage.
  4. I don't understand Flick and his Bayern team at times. Not starting Goretzka today cost him the match, Bayern play so much better with him in the squad.
  5. Verratti & Mbappe showing their ratings tonight. But Kean played very well. I think pipue needs to retire to his sexy wife finally.
  6. What is Locatelli potential? Does he need to move club to rise again?
  7. Trinaco looked very good tonight.😎🥰😋
  8. Depends on Pociectto. Not sure he rates Kean. Osimhen is a starter for Napoli imo
  9. Hi people, What are the chances Depay getting 92/93 in the next review??? Thanks in advanc
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