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    Azzurro reacted to ombarcagunners in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Wow because mine's
    TAA   Upa   De Ligt  Davis 
         Cama  Tonali  Foden
    Sancho  Haaland    Mbappe
    -Greenwood.. I'm waiting for Moise Kean
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    Azzurro reacted to Lost soul in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    TAA    Kounde   De Ligt   Davis 
          De Jong            Foden
       Sancho  Haaland    Mbappe
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    Azzurro reacted to Kieran_S91 in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    GK - Donnarumma
    RB - TAA
    LB - Alphonso Davies
    CB - De Ligt
    CB - Upamecano
    CM - Frenkie De Jong
    CM - Camavinga
    CAM - Joao Felix
    LW - Mbappe
    RW - Fati
    ST - Haaland
    If you asked me on another day I would probably change one or two 😂
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    Azzurro reacted to Nameless in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    I am a supporter of current concern system.
    Say you have a big squad and you had to play your level 2 concern player instead of another player (who will now grow concern). If only 20 matches were all it needed no player would reach level 3 let alone level 5. 
    And if someone has a small squad then it's just poor management. 
    May be there are scopes to tweak things but I am a supporter of current concern system. 
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    Azzurro reacted to Alyril in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Maybe he just doesn't get on with the manager.
    But seriously, I have now had two players develop concerns about game time *while they were injured*. First teamers, who get long term injuries, and in that period decide they should be playing before I'm allowed to select them. Like...what?!?
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    Azzurro reacted to Kieran_S91 in Rahul W's rating predictions   
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    Azzurro reacted to Milanista1 in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    He's improved offensively and (more importantly) defensively this season. Can also play on both sides as a RB/LB.
    He's settled in very well in the Bundesliga for Wolfsburg in his first season: their 6th best player so far.
    These players are currently (overall) higher rated that's why I choose them: they bring greater stregth to your team. 
    Yeah. He's a good rotational option to have in among your defence. 
    It is a risk ⚠ taking the trio. However if you can bring in a decent forward with that 15M then do the deal for the duo + cash. Losing Auba would mean that you only have two Forwards remaining. And, I doubt Mason and Musa are ready for your first team just yet. 
    Consider that Zaniolo won't be back till the Euro games. And who knows how well he play again. 
    Nope. He just isn't getting enough gametime this season, given the form of (Zidane's preferred) trio of Kroos, Modric and Casemiro. Maybe a move away would help. He's too good for RM's bench. 
    Maybe a swap deal with Pogba wouldn't be a bad idea. 🙂 
    I've answered your question above. 😀
    Thanks for missing us. ☺
    I'm not to surprised with the 3-0 derby loss today. Although, I am dissapointed in Pioli for not playing both Tomori and Kalulu (I know they played in EL) however they are young, new, fresh, strong and pacy which is what we really needed at the back against Merda. Instead he played the turtle 🐢legs of Romagnoli and the (still unstable) Kjear. 😕
    If we (at least) qualify for next seasons CL that would be a successful season for me. 🙂
    Currently we just aren't consistent enough, together as a unit, or strong enough (overall) to remain in this scudetto race. 
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    Azzurro reacted to BrutBrutBrut in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    75 by the looks of it:
    Sofifa can be a good source in guaging how good a player is going to be in SM/real life...or atleast the opinion of EA Sports. For example, as you can see below FATI is only rated 76 at the moment, but EA Sports judge his potential to be 90.
    90 is a very high rating for a FIFA player and very few are above it. NEYMAR is 91:
    EA are constantly updating player's potential based on form and age. Try searching a few well known young talents and worldclass players to get a feel for how the ratings work. I don't even play FIFA, but I find Sofifa very helpful in informing my SM transfers.
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    Azzurro reacted to Sir Rahul in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    93 maybe, not 94 personally
    Not yet
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    Azzurro got a reaction from Mike0007 in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    I really like Soyuncu, but he in a battle for a place when Fofana returns from injury and Evans playing very well.
    Added to that it's about time SM stops been so against Leicester. Vardy is due a rise for years at this stage.
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    Azzurro reacted to Milanista1 in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Yeah, Goretzka (even though coming back from injury) should have played from the of. He possibly could have replaced him once Bayern got a good hold on the game.
    I guess Flick has turned thick in recent games, just like Klopp is flopping in the pool. 😀 ☺
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    Azzurro got a reaction from Emy Ionescu in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Verratti & Mbappe showing their ratings tonight. But Kean played very well. I think pipue needs to retire to his sexy wife finally. 
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    Azzurro reacted to Kieran_S91 in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    I think he’s reached his peaked at 91 with Everton so I would trade if you can get someone better.
    As much as I agree I don’t think Koeman helped Pique, first game for back since November, zero match sharpness against the likes of Mbappe 🤣
    I think you’re forgetting Lewandowski Milanista 😉 97 rated and he’s never won an international trophy, Haaland will move to an elite club and I suspect he will bring his ridiculous goal scoring with him. I honestly believe he will be 95 rated by the time he hits 22/23. The guy is on another planet he makes scoring goals look easy at any level.
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    Azzurro reacted to Milanista1 in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    He most certainly does need a move. I hope he returns back to Milan someday. 🙂
    I choose Sabitzer - been very impressive this season. 
    If your sticking around for long-term then go for the trio: Ibra, Benni and Veron. 
    I would be inclined to pick Neuhaus. His next move could possibly be to Bayern, and (in the future) he could rise ahead of Llorente. 
    Atm Llorente. 
    With an overall rating of 7.38 so far, he's been Hertha's most important player.
    He certainly has the ability to play for a stronger club. With a 90+potential - he's worth buying. 
    Keep him out on loan if you can be patient till the start of next season. I'm hoping he'll eventually get more game-time if/once Romoneynoli is (possibly) sold in the summer. Or Gabbi will gain valuable gametime at a lesser club.
    Depending on funds available, get the bold three first. 
    "Calamity Jones". ☺
    I've not made it up... It's a few years old. 
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    Azzurro reacted to Kieran_S91 in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    In my opinion he hasn’t kicked on from last season, I don’t think a change of team will help either. Wolves and Adama have struggled in general without Jimenez. Neto has been the only shining light this season.
    I would say it’s very unlikely, I wish SM would just review the Portugal now, Sporting CP keep getting little reviews here and there.
    Pedro Goncalves gets reviewed every couple of months it’s seems, he’s been reviewed 5 times in a 1 year period.
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    Azzurro reacted to Milanista1 in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    If your team is still overcrowded then consider selling Ceballos as well. Was not too sure who to choose between Insigne or Pepe. 
    Pepe is younger, so I thought you'd be better of keeping him, plus Napoli aren't having the best of seasons by their previous (set) high standards. 
    Duo = If you are sure you want to give up Verratti, and you will be sticking around for the next 5-10 seasons then certainly go with the bold two. 
    A Ligue 1 crop/title win should solidify his rise, and with that the breaking of Lyon's rating cap. 
    A 93 for Depay = zero chance. He'll need a move to a big club first. And he will have to perform well at his new big club for a whole season. 
    It's seems as though Kean has fallen out of favour at PSG: I'm seeing less of Kean and more of Icardi these Pochee days.  
    I would think so. If he continues like this I'm sure Juergen Flopp will eventually Klopp him, or even put him on the naughty bench next to Adrian! 😀 ☺ 🤐 
    He could ideally go 👇 as soon as next winter, unless SM think otherwise. 
    And because he's not playing he's not contributing to City's positive season on-field. Plus his age and belly is the negative factor that will go against him. 
    Papu has started life very well at Sevilla, and with the addition of Belotti, why not?
    I reckon the majority of our voters will pick the Delstroyer. 
    Dele is better of moving to Ligue 1 and joining up with Mauricio Pochettino at PSG at this rate! 
    Thomas Lemar has finnaly found his feet at AM after 2 years. How patient a manager Diego Simone must be - you wouldn't think it though! 😀
    Let the article explain futher: 
    That's a great deal - get rid of Dele. 
    Confidence and consistency. 
    He's (ofcourse) is playing for a bigger club, in a different system, with a new team, at a higher level. Which is having a hot/cold affect on his game.   
    He's overrated at 89 in my opinion - he was fine at 88.
    If some fickle fans didn't hype him up so much, instead, rather ease the pressure on him - that would help his development.  
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    Azzurro reacted to gyanthecat in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Tonali has been extremely hyped up since he started playing football. Not saying he's not good, but he didn't deserve an 89 in the first place, not yet at least. He needs to grow a lot to play for a mid-high ranking team, let alone playing for the title.
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    Azzurro reacted to thorgan lesar in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Tonali needs to get used at this higher level. That step from Brescia to AC Milan is something people underrated.. Still got a nice potential. Needs more time 
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    Azzurro got a reaction from Soccahappy in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Hi people,
    What are the chances Depay getting 92/93 in the next review??? 
    Thanks in advanc
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    Azzurro got a reaction from Kieran_S91 in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Trinaco looked very good tonight.😎🥰😋
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    Azzurro reacted to Soccahappy in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Kieran is correct as always 😀 He joins other Leicester players with Targeted (Estimated) Returns as follows}
    Wesley Fofana Expected Return 8th March
    T Castagne Expected Return 18th February
    D Praet Expected Return 10th April
    Leicester entertain Liverpool at the King Power Stadium 12:30 tomorrow without James Justin obviously and also the above 3. Fabinho won't be fit for Liverpool either but is hoped he will be for next match.
    Not much chance
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    Azzurro reacted to Kieran_S91 in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Dele with a capital D
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    Azzurro reacted to Kieran_S91 in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Gundogan to 93 at this rate.
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    Azzurro reacted to Sir Rahul in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Davinson Sanchez to 89 too. Been poor for a while.
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