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  1. i rate him pretty high. its normal to come back after an injury and take a little time to get back up to speed. i dont know what his peak is but I doubt he will drop soon. Liverpool don't look like theyre getting any new first team attackers in this summer so he will get a lot of game time if he can stay fit.
  2. I loathe those "articles" which just trawl twitter nonsense and repackage it as a "news story" however, I'm not a fan of going back. liverpool pushed on after he left and not sure he would improve the team now.
  3. him and el hadji diouf... the ultimate "had one good international tournament" mistake buys
  4. most of the cheats ive come across arent very smart. they join the teams at the exact same time, are in multiple of the same GW and straight away overbid for crap players/ underbid for good ones. so I usually put "both managers joined at the exact same time. are over bidding on weaker players and in multiple of the same gw" some variation of that. i flag the transfers as illegal too. and they are usually reversed. 5 out of the last 6 i reported were removed. the only one that wasnt they just weren't in other GW together. so I dont know if that's a big factor
  5. kane was awful schick was probably the main standout centre forward
  6. with the way the position culling is going, especially with fullbacks, i would hold out for better. theres less and less top rated players available for RB every week 🤪
  7. its not a dive apparently, its a "calculated fall" 🤣
  8. T-rex arms strikes again
  9. KdB a fc.... maybe they should wait a bit before adding these positions, when players do it more than once or twice a season to cover injuries. then people wouldnt be so annoyed when they lose positions. its the constant tinkering that makes it difficult to work with
  10. After the condensed, tough season I expected it to be a lot worse. But there’s been some cracking games. some of these players must be so desperate for a vacation now though
  11. letting/making morata take one was just cruel
  12. good move for him but I can see Palace struggling this season. lot of change there in personnel and im not convinced about Vieira. maybe theyll surprise!
  13. i wouldnt risk it. players with more appearances at RB have lost it. Unless someone has specifically put in the edit and is willing to tell you though, I dont know how definite an answer youll get. I lost elvedi as my RB today so scrambling for another
  14. noice! thats great. cheers mate
  15. anyone have some good tips for sub 1m money makers in turkish league? I have benyamin balci, enis destan at the moment cheers!
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