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  1. i agree. i wasnt complaining, just wondered if there was any pattern to it like age, etc. so you could somewhat predict. but if its random so be it im just glad it lets the transfers go through anyway when it happens in that gap between bidding and approval
  2. Saka value just jumped by 4m. luckily got a bid accepted just in time! is there any formula these price jumps adhere to or just the whim of SM?
  3. i think he isnt registered in their squad as has had a long term injury
  4. i had one where the guy had two teams in all the same gameworlds, was doing dodgy one way transfers, then admitted he was managing both teams in news feed thing. the sm ticket response was "not enough evidence" 🤪
  5. ahh thats how i like to play it too. the long game! wirtz, gravenberch, tzolis, lacroix, harvey elliott, doku, botman some others you can add that should be high 80s or more by the time youre up there
  6. yep i went for him hopefully Leicester don't nosedive again in the last stretch and props for the spreadsheet. i imagine it takes ages to maintain but its super useful!
  7. which of the following would be best to pick up, with potential end of season rises in mind? cheers! moussa diaby, ikone, harvey barnes, renato sanches, andre silva
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