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  1. Let me be the first..Strakosha ! 😄... , will he bounce back or should i go for a younger prospect like Dragowski who seems to be on the up, Lafont maybe.. (Henderson and Meslier are taken)
  2. Going to have to experiment, I just assumed the aim was to get the team average as high as poss and that the keepers were a part of that. A 76 keeper in a team of 85`s will drop the average to 84 if my maths is good, would that not make any difference if you were playing a team whose average was 85 ? At what point does a rating difference between teams become significant, for eg 3 or 4 ? Cheers ...Apologies for going of topic
  3. What do you mean by "keepers aren`t as important" ?, don`t they add to the overall team average like every other player. Talking of keepers, is Strakosha liable to drop in rating ? Cheers
  4. Is selling Darwin Nunez to buy Dusan Vlahovic a bad idea ?, seems like the latter is in for a rise but I`m not sure about Nunez , looks like he is staying at Benfica for the time being Cheers
  5. Bought for 60k 3 days ago, couldn`t believe my eyes this morning , muchas gracias for the heads up 🙂
  6. Is Gavin Bazunu a keeper ( pun intended 😀) Going back to Man City after his Rochdale loan where he`s had good game time and also impressed for ROI in a couple of internationals, is that enough to get him rising ? Cheers
  7. Is Xavi Simons worth keeping, he was the latest wunderkid when I bought him but seems to have dropped off the radar ?
  8. Thx Thx for that, was leaning towards him
  9. Both in for rises in the coming reviews but I can only afford one between Tchouameni and D.Vlahovic, who has the most potential , I cant decide, help much appreciated Cheers
  10. Trying to get my head around this...are you saying that Salah performs better in a different position in SM than he does in real life for Liverpool ?
  11. Apologies for putting this question in here but most other forums seem dead. Does playing away have any weighting / bearing on the result if both teams are evenly matched , is it better to play a little more defensively if away against an evenly matched opponent ? Thanks
  12. From a Spanish sports paper.... Barcelona tie Busquets' successor down to new contract until 2024 Nico Gonzalez is viewed as the 32-year-old's long-term replacement The 19-year-old is viewed by many inside the club as the future successor to Sergio Busquets Confused now,not good news for Orellana ?
  13. Jandro Orellana, worth keeping, due a rise ? , I`m inclined to sell but ready to be talked out of it Thanks
  14. Tomas Esteves & Melayro Bogarde Worth keeping in a 78 cap GW ?, either of them due a rise ? Thanks
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