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  1. @Sir Rahul I had ask your opinion about Moreno to 92 and you replied ‘no’. What you think have change from January till now? Does he deserve 92?
  2. Hey guys. This is my team plus rashford instead of mahrez for starting 11. Must sell or must keep of them? in addition, any tip or tactic? I’m not going so good. I’m loosing in every match 😭😭 thanks for the replyings as always
  3. Verratti deserves a drop or stay? Many injuries and poor performance
  4. Gerard Moreno, Andre Silva or Weghorst? Can you sort them? Thanks guys
  5. Any CF rising from 90 to 91? I have in my mind only Andre Silva. Any other?
  6. If Asensio continue like this, and if Real win something, has he any possibilities to rise in summer?
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