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  1. Trincao at Wolverhampton, do I keep or sell it?
  2. When the reviews of Portugal and Argentine league?
  3. And another year without 93 for Gimenez 😢
  4. Pedri is a young Master, natural talent and is on a path of growth. Over time he will score more goals and assists because he has all the qualities to do it, you just have to wait
  5. How many chances to see Laporte 91? Do I keep or sell it?
  6. Will there be reviews after Euro2021?
  7. But in fact he did not have to go down dybala. Lautaro deserved the 93 😅
  8. Absolutely not, maybe on the PlayStation. Lautaro is much more than these statistics, you are watching little football believe me
  9. You are absolutely right, maybe Dybala is a wrong example, I know very well that last year he was the best player in Serie A. But when the season starts I see Lautaro 92, Papu Gomez 92, Ilicic 92 and when the season ends I see the same ratings I think it is normal to ask for explanations.
  10. Lautaro scored a great season 17 goals (1 penalty) and 6 assists,Serie A champion plus Argentina's starting striker but Dybala has more followers on Instagram😅
  11. Sabitzer 92 Sancho 92 good Job 🤣🤣
  12. Plus Manchester united will pay 95 million for him
  13. Someone explains to me why Sancho didn't go up
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