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  1. Re: Who Will Rise/Drop Discussion Thread sneijder, nasri and higuain who will rise?
  2. Re: Iniesta deal if i replace sneijder with nasri, is it a good deal then?
  3. who do you think has the brightest future in national and club level?
  4. Re: Iniesta deal what will happen to sneijder then? i can't see sneijder playing regularly next season when you have the likes of kaka, l.diarra, vdv and possibly alonso and masch( that's really bad for liverpool if they lose the both of them) in your team what i wanna ask is sneijder's rating predictions, help anyone?
  5. I offered sneijder and higuain for iniesta, is it a good deal? If it's not a good deal, pls gimme some suggestions on who to offer This is my squad: REINA, José ASENJO, Sergio RUI PATRICIO, Pedro CLICHY, Gaël MARCELO, Vieira INSUA, Emilliano RAUSCH, Konstantin FABIO, Pereira da Silva DANI ALVES, Silva SERGIO RAMOS, García RAFAEL, Pereira Da Silva RAUL, Guilherme Martins GARAY, Ezequiel PIQUE, Gerard MUNIESA, Marc FAURE, Sébastien PUYOL, Carles ZHIRKOV, Yuri CAPEL, Diego NAVAS, Jesús MASCHERANO, Javier SNEIJDER, Wesley RAFAEL CARIOCA, Pereira ZUCULINI, Franco RAMSEY, Aaron CAMACHO, Ignacio DELPH, Fabian MERIDA, Francisco SHELVEY, Jonjo GERRARD, Steven NASRI, Samir GOURCUFF, Yoann HAZARD, Eden DOUGLAS COSTA, de Souza FORMICA, Mauro KEKO, Sergio Gontan DAVID VILLA, Sánchez AGUERO, Sergio HIGUAIN, Gonzalo PATO, Alexandre PALOSCHI, Alberto FREEMAN, Luke FERNANDO TORRES, José
  6. Re: Who is the better winger(RM and LM)?? sevilla's third in La Liga while Arsenal's fourth, how could you say that nasri is in a better club than capel and navas?
  7. Re: Who is the better winger(RM and LM)?? i've just made a bid for lahm which consists of clichy+zhirkov but the manager wants clichy+pique, anyone thinks i shld accept it? confused...
  8. Re: Which Part To Improve From My Squad Thread
  9. Re: Who is the better winger(RM and LM)?? more opinions?
  10. Re: how can i improve my team even further 1)get a young and decent goalie etc, asenjo, patricio 2)replace nihat and makelele if possible, use a swap deal perhaps 3)buy dembele(huge prospect:D) or hulk as a replacement for your strikers in cup matches
  11. Re: Who is the better winger(RM and LM)?? wad about navas and zhirkov? zhirkov was rumoured that he will leave for either barca or chelsea, will that help his rating?
  12. Re: Ribas Diego for Kallstrom, Ederson and 45 mil if i were you, i won't do the deal as there are still more to come from Diego after he signed for Juve. Furthermore, i can't see kallstrom and ederson rising in the future rating changes:rolleyes:, have to admit the money's good only if you are short of cash try to ask for benzema plus some cash if you really want to sell him..
  13. Capel Nasri Navas Zhirkov I want to sell one of these wingers(zhirkov and nasri are LM) Who should i sell and why? Advice is sorely needed:)
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