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  1. What About Andre Silva for Frankfurt? Probably a +1 to 91, no?
  2. Try to stay away from AliExpress... You should be OK if you do this
  3. Take care my friend.Hope you feel better soon.
  4. I'd be outraged tbh... Yes, good 2nd part of the season for him (mainly on UCL) but even at 94 I think he's overrated, specially with Kimpembe playing at his side with only 91. I believe Kimpembe will get 92 and Marquinhos stay. If marquinhos would get 95, Presnel would deserve 93. It reminds me of Daley Blind 91 and Schuurs 85 on Ajax. Same thing.
  5. I guess best case scenario -1 to 96
  6. My try to give back to the community: My thoughts on Portuguese Primeira Liga next review and transfer market. I tried to focus on more youth players or players that are way over/underrated. How it's made? Name - Current rating - Change to Next Rating - % of transfer to big 5 leagues this summer. PLEASE be aware this is only my opinion. Here it goes: SPORTING CP: Antonio ADÁN - 87 - +2 to 89 Sebastian Coates - 88 - +1 to 89 Gonçalo INÁCIO - 76 - +7 to 83 - 25% chance of transfer to top 5 leagues Nuno MENDES - 82 - +5 to 87 - 80% chance of transf
  7. My 2cents: Felix (still 91 next review) for short to mid-term - Next review Lukaku - 94 Neither for long-term (Both Felix and Havertz potential for 94+).
  8. Ok, We're having a whole lot of Diogos in Portugal right now, so at least a couple should be great players. I'd stick with Queirós and Leite. Also, Tomás Esteves (in my VERY humble opinion) will become the RB along with Nuno Mendes at LB in Portuguese National Team. Aside from the ones I showed in my previous post those are the U23 I'd stick with.
  9. I'd keep for long-term Gonçalo Ramos (great player,no real chances given by coach) and Ronaldo (I think you mean Ronaldo Camará (not Camacho?). I think Nuno Tavares is way overrated. Maybe he can achieve a top 5 league but never fight for the title. I'd sell. Tiago Araújo and Paulo Bernardo are question marks, but they are not that young anymore, so you start asking yourself "Are scouts all over the europe stupid, or they are just not that good?" I think the 2nd one applies in these cases: In "main" world I play, here are the PT players I have(so you can have an idea of the y
  10. If they were free players IRL I'd take Angel without 2nd thought. But as things are, I'd go for Olmo.
  11. I mean, you definitely can ask, but I wouldn't say I'm an expert. I do follow SL Benfica, FC Porto and SC Sporting but I wouldn't take my word alone for it. Good thing we have TM Costa to help 😃. I watch way more German and English leagues than the portuguese one.
  12. SL Benfica fan here... Don't think he'll ever be a regular with Jorge Jesus, so short and medium term not a good bet. Looks like he has talent but will have to start from bottom up. I'd sell.
  13. They have a lot of Central and Left Defenders but not that much for the right back wing. Pavard and maybe Dubois? If he can perform as he did last night against Munich more often, I'd say he has a pretty good chance of being France's no2 and PSG's no1. Just my opinion though.
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