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  1. Truth be told... I'm kinda proud of myself... Thank you Masters @Kieran_S91, @Sir Rahul, @Soccahappy... Let's see about the "transfer chance" idea.
  2. Not bad for 1st prediction ever Waiting for tomorrow's Benfica and Braga.
  3. So... Maguire = Ruben Dias Ederson <2 Alisson Rodri = Partey = Parejo and < Fabinho Tavares Aparently, SM are from Manchester but not city's fans? Unbelievable review IMHO. Worst so far for me.
  4. Heya guys... You do agree Wijnaldum is safe at 93, right?. Like, please? BTW... Jimenez or Llorente (AT. Madrid) I have more need for a RD Thanks
  5. For Rodri, It's possible that he rises in the meantime, so I'd be careful with getting back "cheaper".
  6. Both in fantasy team and in CGW... AND I'M from Portugal... Just gonna sit there and cry a little...
  7. Now that I think about it... It's arguable, but... I can see where you coming from yeah
  8. Have to Disagree with the Messi one... Best player for Barcelona (which didn't have such a poor season, comparing to Juventus) and still is 2 years younger than CR7, so by keeping him safe at 98, imo, SM should protect themselves to have to raise again in January 😇
  9. Yep. You can close the contest now. He just broke the "best goal" contest.
  10. I wouldn't be hoping for that +1 just yet. He raised +7 in 13 months and since last raise just stopped playing for Benfica, with Benfica having one of the poorest seasons in the last decade or so... I'd say not that much yet.. +4 to 80 would be good for now... wait a couple a years and he should get his 90's (hoping)
  11. 40M for RD is a bargain. 93 in a couple of weeks
  12. So Ruben Dias, not in top 10 huh? Peculiar algorithm,
  13. Dude, hope you're feeling better. We missed you. (P.S.- Sorry quoting random post).
  14. I wouldn't be too surprised... 94 is guaranteed and same thing happened to Neuer last season 93-> 95 (although not directly)
  15. Possible, not likely. Maybe too soon? Dortmund had a poor season despite Jadon's good season. I guess Haaland 93, Sancho 92
  16. Congratz to Bayern, Inter, City, and probably Sporting Lisbon also today.
  17. Do whatever... Unless the other manager has an IQ of 12 evben if instead of 2M you put 80M he won't sell...
  18. What About Andre Silva for Frankfurt? Probably a +1 to 91, no?
  19. Try to stay away from AliExpress... You should be OK if you do this
  20. Take care my friend.Hope you feel better soon.
  21. Andre Silva % of +1? I'd say yeah.
  22. I'd be outraged tbh... Yes, good 2nd part of the season for him (mainly on UCL) but even at 94 I think he's overrated, specially with Kimpembe playing at his side with only 91. I believe Kimpembe will get 92 and Marquinhos stay. If marquinhos would get 95, Presnel would deserve 93. It reminds me of Daley Blind 91 and Schuurs 85 on Ajax. Same thing.
  23. I guess best case scenario -1 to 96
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