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  1. Re: Gold Championship 149 I might see later mate but for now I think I might have 3 loans sorted out, also I dont want my wages to be too high but i'll see
  2. Re: Gold Championship 149 It's difficult for me to join in with this since iv'e only got Eastbourn Borough and I can't by players too high but... i'm looging for players rated 73 - 76 in the following positions: CB CB RM CM I also would prefer them to be English but I will also buy foreign players. Please tell me if you have any for sale, some of you will probably have young players in your team like this but I can't play too much.
  3. Re: Gold Championship 149 They open at random intervals now, whever SM think there is a high demand, usually its never much over a month and its been a bit over a month now, also the first match is usually on a saturday so it has to be a few days before then, i assume you will be able to reserve clubs on Monday or Tursday and the game world will open on Wednesday or Thursday or the same type of thing next week, or god forbid, the week after that
  4. I know it's early since the championship hasn't been created yet but I decided to be the first to open a thread about it. I'd be interested in which clubs all you guys will be hoping to get and maybe which players you hope to sign. Personally I'll go for a 5th division English team because I like the sense of achievement of getting them up there competing with the rest and even then i'll probably go for one of the lower division 5 clubs, not the obvious promotion hopes, most likely one with some of the lowest rated players and a medium amount of money. I hope to buy loads of players in ever
  5. I have recently taken over Kettering Town in the newly opened gold championship 138. (Yes I do like a challenge.) But when I went to go into the club overview I am unable to click on the club and there is a message simply saying: "Application submitted by you. The Chairman has approved your application and will allow you in this Game World shortly." I took over the club at approximatly 17:05 and it is now, at the time of writing this, 18:55. Thats nearly 2 hours. Does anyone know roughly how long it will be until I can go onto my club? Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.
  6. First i'd like to say thanks in advance for any help. I know players get suspended if the get a red card but do they get a suspension for having too many yellow cards? Im the manager of kettering and one of my players has 4 yellow cards and I wondered if he would be suspended for getting 5 or 10 in one season. Also.... If he did get suspended how long would it be for? And would the yellow cards be reset on the statistics page?
  7. Re: Playing for a draw? I'd like to say thanks to everyone who helped me on this. My mission was a sucess drawing 1-1 although I did go 1-0 after 34 mins thanks to a striker whos rating had just goe up from 74 to 78. Then they equaised after 83 mins but I would have settled for a draw anyway.
  8. Hi, I am the manager of Crawley Town in a gold championship. I joined the because their players were the lowest rated in the lowest division with £1.9 million to start with and I fancied a challenge. I invested my money in making a full team of rated 73-75 players. The problem is i'm playing darlington next who are the top of the league winning almost every one of their 11 games. This is due to buying a few early 80's rated players and loaning some late 80's players such as lukaku who is the top scorer and has 9 man of the matches from 11 matches. I usually play 4-3-3 as this has worked be
  9. Hi this is a forum to talk about whats happening in the english divisions, Im accrington Stanley in division 5.
  10. Re: Gold Championship 83, Transfers & Match Reports Thread I got accrington stanley, i like to get a low division team and try to get them higher so i plan on staying with them for quite a while and wish all of you thd best of luck.
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