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  1. Can confirm this #11. Even the stronger team win, the MOTM si almost always the weaker team goalkeeper Is it possible that all of those things have to do with player attributes?
  2. Sorry for asking sir,how do I use this SWiki Report 😅 Newbie here
  3. Wow what a progress there sir. So you never change the formation and tactic along season sir? And how do you face a stronger team? Really appreciate it if you sir kind to share your setting.
  4. Cant wait to see how it applied to my team, thanks to your reply on another thread sir. May eager to live this thread again because this is a where tactic should be discussed 🙏
  5. Thank you sir. I am Spurs with team rating 90, when everyone else is 89-92 rated and already bought some high rated player and also me myself I didnt buy anyone else yet. Because its an Europa League so yeah sir you are right everyone used it. But thank you once again for advise sir
  6. I dont know sir, but I cant send you a PM. Its like your is full
  7. Thank you so much for da reply @Kieran_S91 and @Sir Rahul Since my GW has a rule to include a minimun 8 player from same nationality with club in First Team, so its a thought one. Maybe I should see an exchange player for those unkept player. A little bit out of topic, what tactic should I use in this still pure Spurs? I cant see other thread to ask this coz another thread is taking too long to reply. BEst regard
  8. Greeting everyone, my first post here and thanks for care to reply. I hold the Tottenham team at my GW and it is a first season, and Ive not buy anyone yet. Here is a Youth and First Team SS. My question is who is worth to keep and sell. Thank you sir and sorry for my bad English
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