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  1. Re: SM NFL Fantasy League Congrats Andy ! When Megatron and Brandon Marshall total 8 fantasy points, you know you are in trouble. And so I was.
  2. Re: The F1 Challenge Where's the champagne ?
  3. Re: The NEW Official NFL Thread. It's normally 4 years of college before the NFL : freshman, sophomore, junior, senior. A player can play 5 years if he is redshirted one year because he is injured or there is no room for him on the squad. The best players usually declared themselves eligibles for the nfl fraft before their fourth year.
  4. Re: 8 Nation Challenge 2.0 Hi David, I'd like to join. Brazil would be nice. Bob Sal
  5. Re: SM NFL Fantasy League I tried with last year's password (picksix) and it said «error the league is full» ??
  6. Re: SM NFL Fantasy League I'm ready to go whenever you are! Pencil me in. NumberSix (Hot Rats)
  7. Re: Footie Zealots Completed Boca's first season with a bang, winning the division 3 championship on the last game and thus finishing a roller coaster season on the highest note. Thanks to everyone who got involved and to Todd for keeping the league well and alive. Good luck to everyone in the playoffs. Was a bit surprised I could swap Neuer so easily.
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