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  1. Re: SM NFL Fantasy League

    Not quite sure how I managed to squeeze out the win against Hot Rats this week!

    3-0 baby! :D

    Congrats Andy !

    When Megatron and Brandon Marshall total 8 fantasy points, you know you are in trouble. And so I was.

  2. Re: SM NFL Fantasy League

    The Champ is in the building!

    I thought that with only 49 days to go till the new NFL Season' date=' that we should start figuring out who is happy to continue in the SM Fantasy League. I will put it out there to the players who played last year first, and if we have sufficient interest from others, then I will look into possibly extending the amount of teams in our league.

    I will also send an email out via the NFL Website, so if you could please respond to that.[/quote']

    Hot Rats will be back. Looking forward to the new season. Thanks Adam.

  3. Re: The F1 Challenge

    Australia – Write Up


    by Matt Oram

    The Formula 1 season started recently' date=' as it always does – with sun and smiles as the seven constructors line up on the grid with high expectations. None higher than the reigning champions Red Bull and they started where they left off storming into the lead. From corner 1, in front of the Brabham grandstand, the Bulls looked in command and clearly Adrian Newey has designed yet another potentially title winning car as they crossed one and two and taking the fastest lap too.

    In stark contrast to Red Bull, disaster struck on the first lap on the run down to turn 3 as one of the McLarens collided with a Williams taking both out of the race. Both drivers escaped with no injuries other than a bruised ego, having let down their teams – both of which are trying to get out of the rut of last season. And whilst the other McLaren car seemed to experience further engine troubles, the remaining Williams rallied hard to come away with a single point.

    Ferrari despite stating previously that they would no longer have a lead and reserve driver and give each an equal chance of winning, they seemed to have chosen their number one yet again. An average qualifying saw the team in red split their race strategy, one to a clear positive effect and the other always struggling for position against cars who should be technically performing less well. Even if they haven’t selected their number one, they certainly have now with a big difference in points – 10 to 0, and them claiming the last place on the podium.

    In the middle of the pack a race long scuffle saw surprising results as the boys at Force India just headed the Lotus team across the line. Lotus seemed to have the advantage until the second pitstops when their cars returned to the track on the harder compound tires and the Force India team chose the softer compound. The gap was too small to maintain and the latter placed Lotus let both Force India’s by with less than five laps remaining finishing meaning they finished 5th and 7th compared to Lotus’ 6th and 9th. Lotus will have to bounce back quickly if they want to keep their dreams of being title contenders alive.

    Finally, Mercedes seem to be a team still in continued development. There cars looked competitive as they raced round the 5.3km circuit at Albert Park and they certainly are likely to be the stiffest competition for Red Bull in the long term, but the loss of Team Principal Ross Braun looks to have hurt them a lot. Confusion over strategy and an extra long pit stop (8.2 seconds) for one of the McLaren cars when called in unexpectedly cost the team a podium and valuable championship points, even at this stage.

    With some teams in turmoil and others not performing it allowed the Red Bulls to escape and they go into race 2 with a massive 16 point lead!! Can anyone bring the fight to them as Formula 1 heads to China?[/quote']

    Thanks, nice read indeed !

    Red Bully Bob

  4. Re: The F1 Challenge

    Race 1 - Australia




    1st - 15 pts | Bob Sal

    2nd - 12 pts | Craig Robertson

    3rd - 10 pts | Dale Bowers

    4th - 8 pts | David Garvock

    5th - 6 pts | ***** Kooiker

    6th - 5 pts | Michael Hudson

    7th - 4 pts | Andy Stow

    8th - 3 pts | Jim Garvock

    9th - 2 pts | Gordan Christopher

    10th - 1 pts | Ian Wilson



    27 | Red Bull

    11 | Mercedes

    10 | Ferrari

    10 | Force India

    7 | Lotus

    1 | Williams

    0 | McLaren


    Where's the champagne ? :)

  5. Re: The NEW Official NFL Thread.

    Neither have I but I think it's





    It's normally 4 years of college before the NFL : freshman, sophomore, junior, senior. A player can play 5 years if he is redshirted one year because he is injured or there is no room for him on the squad. The best players usually declared themselves eligibles for the nfl fraft before their fourth year.

  6. Re: SM NFL Fantasy League

    For me' date=' Andy I think you have one of the best teams in the league! TY Hilton is great WR to have alongside Fitzgerald as well as the great RB's you have, lets hope Russell Wilson wont get caught by second season syndrome!

    My Team;

    QB: Drew Brees

    RB: Lamar Miller, Daryl Richardson

    WR: Jordy Nelson, Julio Jones, Justin Blackmon

    TE: Jimmy Graham

    K: Blair Walsh

    DEF: The Bears

    Am excited to have Brees once again. I like the look of the three WR's I have and am hoping that Miller and Richardson who are both starting RB's for their respective teams, have good seasons. Is the first year I have actually had a good Tight End too![/quote']

    Adam, I hope you know Blackmon is suspended for 4 games....

    As for my team, I'm not too disappointed considering I missed the live draft.

    QB M. Stafford STL (hoped for more obviously)

    RB Darren McFadden OAK (always a liability, if anyone likes him, he can be had...)

    RB CJ Spiller BUF (pretty glad to have him)

    WR Calvin Johnson DET (wow!)

    WR Andre Johnson HOU (not not bad as a 2nd wr)

    WR Vincent Jackson TB (not too bas as a 3rd wr)

    TE Jason Witten DAL (sound ok with mw !)

    good season to everyone !


    (Hot Rats)

  7. Re: SM NFL Fantasy League

    You just need to go on www.NFL.com' date=' click on the fantasy button at the top, log in with your account details, and you will be in![/quote']

    I'm in ! Actually I knew the path, but I forgot that I had two accounts in NFL.com . I kept choosing my other account and couldn't see our league !?! Everything's OK now.

    So I'll be there, either live or by autopick, I'll let you know.

  8. Re: SM NFL Fantasy League

    I am starting to think a weekday might be the best bet. Anyway' date=' I am going to send messages out to everyone involved, and see what everyone thinks and hopefully we can come up with a choice of days because I really want to get this league set up sooner rather than later![/quote']

    Anytime in the weekend or weekdays for me. The closer to the NFL draft, the better.


  9. Re: Footie Zealots

    Completed Boca's first season with a bang, winning the division 3 championship on the last game and thus finishing a roller coaster season on the highest note.

    Thanks to everyone who got involved and to Todd for keeping the league well and alive. Good luck to everyone in the playoffs.

    Was a bit surprised I could swap Neuer so easily.

  10. Re: The NEW Official NFL Thread.

    Sorry guys, but the story of the day is not the Eagles' loss but the Lions' win. One of the worst teams in NFL history up until last year, is now 4-0 and, in the process, became the first team in NFL history to win consecutive games by coming back from a 0-20 deficit. I'm stunned !

  11. Re: The NEW Official NFL Thread.

    The Steelers are being bent over at the moment... looks like it's only going to get worse too' date=' hard to see where they're going to get the momentum to mount a come back.[/quote']

    bent over is the right expression... look at this hit


  12. Re: SM NFL Fantasy League

    Erm' date=' does anyone know how to cancel an accepted trade? I just accidentally accepted a fairly ridiculous trade offer when I meant to decline it and I can't seem to see anywhere I can cancel it. :o[/quote']

    That must be the trade I voted against ! If enough owners vote against it, it will be cancelled. I guess you need more than 50% of them.

  13. Re: SM NFL Fantasy League

    Overall' date=' pretty happy with my team, especially since I got the best QB in the league and a good receiving corp. Wouldn't mind trading for a superstar RB though and have already placed a[i'] cheeky offer.[/i]..

    Well Andy, not cheeky enough ! I don't need a new TE as I have 2 pretty good ones already. And Michael Crabtree, although a first rounder 2 years ago, doesn't inspire me a lot in a SF offense that is so pale compared to the glorious days of Sweet Joe Montana, Steve Young and Jerry «Instant TD» Rice.

  14. Re: SM NFL Fantasy League

    Here come the HOTS RATS


    Matthew Stafford, DET

    Kyle Orton, DEN


    Ray Rice, BAL

    Cedric Benson, CIN

    Marshawn Lynch, SEA


    Dwayne Bowe, KC

    Mike Wallace, PIT

    Nate Burleson, DET

    Lance Moore, NO

    James Jones, GB

    Antonio Brown, PIT


    Aaron Hernandez, NE

    Anthony Fasano, MIA




    Rob «the beer's on us» Bironas, TEN


    Not too pleased with my draft as I didn't plan to get only 3 RBs. I also usually get a better DEF than middle-of-the-pack Rams. Finally, should have not pick two receivers from the same team but I got mesmerized, I guess, by the great pre-season of Antonio Brown. But I got Rrrrray Rrrrrrice who could be the most productive RB in fantasy by the end of the season.

    Cheers to everyone for a interesting (and rapid) draft.

  15. Re: SM NFL Fantasy League

    Also' date=' on our main league page, what does the "waiver" column refer to? Each side has a different number in the column... :confused:[/quote']

    It refers to the order of the waivers' draft which takes place every tuesday or wesnesday after the weekend's games.

  16. Re: SM NFL Fantasy League

    It shouldn't take much longer then an hour although with more teams I'm not exactly sure. I'm thinking an 8pm BST start will be fine for me as well. Do you want to send out the PMs now?

    8pm BST is ok with me.

    As for the duration of draft it depends of a lot of factors : mostly the number of people «live drafting», how many players everyone drafts (how many rounds) and the degree of preparation of the ones drafting live. Usely (I have done a few of those), there is max of 90 seconds between two live picks and less than a second between two automatic picks.

  17. Re: SM NFL Fantasy League

    It's looking like the draft will be Sunday night' date=' the 4th. Now we just need the final list of everyone who's in for sure, which I believe andyowls is compiling. After that I'll set up the league and PM everyone the link and password to it so you can join and those who will be using autopick can set their preferences.[/quote']

    Fine with me as well.

    Are we talking sunday night GTM satndard time here ?

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