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  1. Re: What Is Your Fav Sport?
  2. Re: WANTED: 90+ players who will definitely rise in the next Spanish/Italy ratings Thanks a lot, Bluelemon, for your detailed and insightful answer. Cheers!
  3. Re: WANTED: 90+ players who will definitely rise in the next Spanish/Italy ratings Hi Bluelemon, I pretty much agree with all those predictions. Most of them have been largely discussed in the forum. Except maybe Godin. Is he having a good season (I read somewhere it wasn't the case and since I can't watch La Liga's matchs...) ? Or will he go up on the basis of Villareal's form ? What I mean is : is he pretty sure to go up to 91?
  4. Re: Biggest Upcoming Risers (Eng, Spain and Italy Edition) Great great thread. I'm interested in Domenico Criscito from Genoa who is 88 and who, I think, should get a rise since he has the most minutes (beside the keeper) of the third best defensive team of Serie A. And Genoa is the surprise team this year, being in fourth place right now. I know you put Bocchetti in your list, who should jump from 84 to 87, but has Criscito a chance of +2 to 90 ? Or +1 is all we can hope for ? I've not seen him play, has he been good? How far away is he from the NT? Thanks again for the thread and for taking the time to respond.
  5. Re: Italian Ratings! Palombo - 90 --> 89/88 Cassano - 91 --> 91/90 I would be very surprised to see these players drop! Palombo has been on the NT the last few games and Cassano has 2700+ minutes and 10 goals for a mid-table team (and his non-recall to the NT has provoked a big debate in Italy). Palombo has even a little chance to go up to 91 in my own estimation.
  6. Re: Luca Tremolada : Inter Milan I don't need to see the guy in the DB rapidly to enjoy the thread. Good information with solid references on a player not already known or discussed. Reps.
  7. Re: Sneijder or Diego: According to italian newspapers, Diego is very close to signing with Juventus where he will replace Nedved. I remember reading an article last week where he stated negociations with a big italian club were going on and that he would not be back next year at Bremen. This plus the fact that Sneijder is injury prone would make me choose Diego personnaly.
  8. Re: Cheikh M'Bengue 84 -> 86 or 87 And he just got suspended until June by authorities of Ligue 1 for an harsh tackle.
  9. Re: Neymar: A future buy for sure Thanks. Sorry, didn't notice the thread under your sig.
  10. Re: Neymar: A future buy for sure Tremendous thread, Insider! Thanks for the reports, the rapid answers and the link. Entertaining and helpful. By the way, what are the chances of Renan Leo (Gremio) of going up from 88 when the next brazilian ratings come?
  11. Re: MOTTA x2 Marco Motta has just been called up for the italian NT. I reckon that he will go up at least 2, to 88.
  12. Re: Serdar Tasci I've been offered a lot of money for Tasci (21-90, CB-RB). And I'm not sure what to do since I've heard he will soon be a fixture in the german NT. Is that right ? I've also read, through some forumers, that he's not as good as advertised. Can we expect a +1 to 91 for the next german ratings ? Also, is he playing mostly CB, or also RB ? What are the possibilities of a change of position to CB only? Sorry, I don't have the chance to see Bundesliga matches.
  13. Re: I lose money !!! You will find the details in the «finances» section when you «overview» your team. For each turn (match), you will be able to see where the money goes and where it comes from.
  14. Re: Is there any skill left in the Game?
  15. Re: Renan Leo or Papasthopoulos or Thiago Silva Thanks for the replies, everyone. I must say I'm still a bit confused though. Thiago Silva is at a big club but doesn't play (no minutes up until now, besides friendlies). Papastho... has played about a third of Genoa matches, does'nt look like a regular fixture of the team. Leo is a regular fixture of the Gremio defense and the team is currently second in the brazilian championship. I would say that on current form Leo is the best bet. Unless Thiago Silva is on the verge of becoming a regular of a aging Milan defense. So 2 lingering questions: 1. How close is Thiago Silva of getting regular minutes in the aging Milan defense? 2. How close Renan Leo is to moving to a big club ? As of now, I would probably go Leo first and Thiago Silva second.
  16. Hi everybody, I've been using the very interesting and helpful SM forum for awhile. And I finally decided to post my first thread as I'm in the need of a young CENTERBACK on the verge of a 90 rating. I found 3 available ones in my gameworld but I'm not certain which one is the best LONG TERM prospect. I'm talking of: Renan Leo (Gremio, 21-88) Sokratis Papasthopoulos (Genoa, 20-88) Thiago Silva (Milan, 24-89) Any hindsight will be appreciated,
  17. Re: Lukas MARECEK Went up 4 to 82 yesterday. Too late for me to pick it up. Nice report anyway.
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