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  1. Re: SM NFL Fantasy League I'm OK with what will be a long weekend in Canada. Monday 5th is an holiday (Labor Day), so saturday, sunday or monday suits me well. In any case, I can auto-select as I'll have time to build a draft list if necessary.
  2. Re: Footie Zealots Boca Juniors for me.
  3. Re: Allsvenskan and Eliteserien Young Risers One good riser for sure is Oscar Hiljemark, a CM playing at second place Elfsborg. 20 games out of 20 (14 as a starter) and 1347 minutes should give the 19 year old a rise from 75 to 80, I think. Another one is May Mahlangu, a winger from 1st place Helsinborg who should get 82 or 83 (from 77) with his 18 starts and 1649 minutes.
  4. Re: SM NFL Fantasy League I support the idea of postponing the draft. I know college might be a rude awakening (), but I can't help but think that a few hours devoted to sorting players and a live draft should not interfere too much with attending classes and studying. But maybe I'm too old to remember clearly my college years! Anything possible the weekend before the start of the season, the 3rd or 4th of September ?
  5. Re: SM NFL Fantasy League Things looking good, interest is growing, can't wait till it all starts! Thanks to Dhulldevsfan and Andy.
  6. Re: The NEW Official NFL Thread.
  7. Re: The first ever forum filled BRAZILIAN CHAMPIONSHIP Interested too.
  8. Re: Available Teams, No Job Offers! (GC Teams Only!) Just rejected Palermo in GC 98. Cavani, Pastore, Kajer, Matuidi, Miccoli, Balzaretti, Cassani. Reinartz, Gaitan....
  9. Re: SMEL - An actual game world? still hopeful
  10. Re: NFL Predict Packers @ Bears Moneyline: Packers Point Spread: Packers Over/Under: under 44 First to Score*: Packers Jets @ Steelers: Moneyline: Steelers Point Spread: Jets Over/Under: under 39 First to Score*: Jets TB : 37
  11. Re: NFL Predict Tremendous games on hand today (saturday). Enjoy and good luck to the remaining teams of NFL Predict (not so much to Kylan ). Ravens @ Steelers Moneyline: Steelers Point Spread: Steelers Over/Under: over Packers @ Falcons Moneyline: Packers Point Spread: Packers Over/Under: under Seahawks @ Bears Moneyline: Bears Point Spread: Bears Over/Under: under Jets @ Patriots Moneyline: Patriots Point Spread: Patriots Over/Under: under edit (after the first game) : I forgot the tie-breaker, if it's not too late, I'll say 44
  12. Re: SMEL - An actual game world? Wonderful idea Ken. I'm all for it. I still got the blues when I think of how SMEL stopped breathing. IMPACT shall be there (even if it costs something).
  13. Re: NFL Predict CRUNCH TIME ! Saints @ Seahawks: Moneyline: Saints Point Spread: Seahawks Over/Under: over 44.5 Jets @ Colts: Moneyline: Colts Point Spread: Jets Over/Under: under 44.5 Sunday 9th Jan 2011: Ravens @ Chiefs: Moneyline: Ravens Point Spread: Ravens Over/Under: over 41 Packers @ Eagles: Moneyline: Packers Point Spread: Eagles Over/Under: under 46 TB 44
  14. Re: NFL Predict Panthers @ Falcons Bengals @ Ravens Steelers @ Browns Vikings @ Lions Raiders @ Chiefs Dolphins @ Patriots Bucs @ Saints Bills @ Jets Chargers @ Broncos Bears @ Packers Jaguars @ Texans Titans @ Colts Cowboys @ Eagles Cardinals @ 49ers Giants @ Redskins Rams @ Seahawks TB 47 Happy 2011 to everyone!
  15. Re: NFL Predict sorry' date=' missed the X-mas deadline and I'm just in time for the sunday games : Cowboys @ Cardinals [b']Patriots[/b] @ Bills Jets @ Bears Ravens @ Browns Redskins @ Jaguars Titans @ Chiefs Lions @ Dolphins 49ers @ Rams Chargers @ Bengals Texans @ Broncos Colts @ Raiders Giants @ Packers Seahawks @ Buccaneers Vikings @ Eagles Saints @ Falcons 52
  16. Re: NFL Predict Saints @ Ravens Cardinals @ Panthers Browns @ Bengals Redskins @ Cowboys Jaguars @ Colts Bills @ Dolphins Eagles @ Giants Chiefs @ Rams Lions @ Buccaneers Texans @ Titans Falcons @ Seahawks Broncos @ Raiders Jets @ Steelers Packers @ Patriots Bears @ Vikings TB 39
  17. Re: NFL Predict 49ers @ Chargers and the rest on saturday
  18. Re: NFL Predict and now the main menu Browns @ Bills (can't believe I favor the Browns as a road team!) Falcons @ Panthers Packers @ Lions Raiders @ Jaguars (maybe the 2 most unpredictable teams) Giants @ Vikings (is Favre dead yet?) Bengals @ Steelers (Roethlisberger is some tough customer) Buccaneers @ Redskins (my upset special) Rams @ Saints Seahawks @ 49ers Broncos @ Cardinals Patriots @ Bears (Bears aren't that good' date=' aren't they?) Dolphins @ [b']Jets[/b] Chiefs @ Chargers (with Cassel, I would have taken the Chiefs) Eagles @ Cowboys Ravens @ Texans TB 51
  19. Re: NFL Predict Colts @ Titans more to come saturday
  20. Re: NFL Predict Bills @ Vikings Browns @ Dolphins Jaguars @ Titans Saints @ Bengals Broncos @ Chiefs Redskins @ Giants Bears @ Lions 49ers @ Packers Raiders @ Chargers Falcons @ Buccaneers Cowboys @ Colts Rams @ Cardinals Panthers @ Seahawks Steelers @ Ravens Jets @ Patriots --49--
  21. Re: NFL Predict Texans @ Eagles Can't wait to see Mighty Mike Vick against one of the worst defense in the NFL. I'll be back soon for the other predictions.
  22. Re: NFL Predict Patriots @ Lions Saints @ Cowboys Bengals @ Jets Jaguars @ Giants Panthers @ Browns Packers @ Falcons Steelers @ Bills Titans @ Texans Vikings @ Redskins Chiefs @ Seahawks Dolphins @ Raiders Eagles @ Bears Rams @ Broncos Buccaneers @ Ravens Chargers @ Colts 49ers @ Cardinals TB - 45
  23. Re: NFL Predict Bears @ Dolphins Ravens @ Panthers Texans @ Jets Bills @ Bengals Raiders @ Steelers Browns @ Jaguars Lions @ Cowboys Packers @ Vikings Cardinals @ Chiefs Redskins @ Titans Seahawks @ Saints Falcons @ Rams Buccaneers @ 49ers Colts @ Patriots Giants @ Eagles Broncos @ Chargers - TB 67
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