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  1. Re: SMEL Drafting thread He is listed as a Def first in SM.
  2. Re: SM Elite League - Discussion Thread/Sign Up sheet - Negociations/Trading thread.
  3. Re: SMEL Drafting thread Sorry' date=' it didn't show up in the drafted players thread when I did the research. I'll pick DM [b']Jose Paulinho[/b] then.
  4. Re: SMEL Drafting thread IMPACT select from Bayer Leverkusen Stefan REINARTZ
  5. Re: SM Elite League - Discussion Thread/Sign Up sheet - Negociations/Trading thread. I know that is not what Mark had in mind at the start, but I personally think we shoud limit the size of the squads, to 50 for instance. The next draft could last 10 rounds with no release of players, and then 5 rounds for all subsequent drafts with mandatory release of 5 players each time to keep the squads at 50. I feel the size limit would underline our managerial skills as we would have to continually choose between players with different characteristics and different long term possibilities, and could also mean more interactions betweens teams and gaffers, more trades that is. Do we really want 32 teams of 80, 90 or 100 players in 10 seasons from now?
  6. Re: Will Hernanes ever move to Europe? Well, it's done ! Apparently signed with Lazio for €13.5m http://www.football-italia.net/aug03u.html
  7. Re: SMEL Drafting thread Gee, I really thought he would last a few more rounds
  8. Re: SMEL Drafting thread With pick 1007, IMPACT select from FC Twente LM/Wing Emir BAJRAMI and from the PR department TlBCI4JcKTs
  9. Re: SM Elite League - Discussion Thread/Sign Up sheet - Negociations/Trading thread.
  10. Re: SMEL Drafting thread I sent a short-list but since I'm online,... IMPACT select from RSC Anderlecht Lucas BIGLIA
  11. Re: SMEL Drafting thread Thanks Sean' date=' it feels as nice as some handshakes. [img']http://bayern.theoffside.com/files/2010/06/knASMULLNERVANGAAL.jpg[/img]
  12. Re: SMEL Drafting thread Getting a sense that Adam, our austrian expert, might have something to say about our 30th rd pick, IMPACT nevertheless select young AM : Christoph KNASMULLNER
  13. Re: SMEL Drafting thread With pick 905, IMPACT select a player in need of a boost, and is there a better league than the Eredivisie for a forward to find it? Talking about new PSV striker Marcus BERG
  14. Re: Tom's Library: Universal SMEL Analysis (TL: USMELA) Interesting. Pretty much what we're going to do collectively on a head-to-head basis once the season is underway : make a mockery of the other team ! Pretty wise of you to get an head start, Tom. I can't wait to see to what crumbling star I'm going to be associated with.
  15. Re: UEFA Euro u19 Championship - Scouting Well, a total reversal of form in the second half as les Bleuets scored two goals to steal the win. A magnificent play and pass from Kakuta on the Lacazette goal. Wow.
  16. Re: SMEL Drafting thread It has all the looks of a miscommunication between Phil and Johnny. Things like that happen once in a while.
  17. Re: SMEL Drafting thread With its 27th rd pick, IMPACT go East to one of its favorite league and pick versatile fullback Renat YANBAEV
  18. Re: SMEL Drafting thread Speaking of embarassment, is that you Tom caught in action of doing something else? 96o0tkiNp6g
  19. Re: SMEL Drafting thread Already been picked by Rhys (PETRO) in rd 14.
  20. Re: SMEL Drafting thread With its second pick of the 26th round, IMPACT select Ezequiel SCHELOTTO
  21. Re: SMEL Drafting thread With its first selection of the 26th round, IMPACT select from Fiorentina Mario BOLATTI ***
  22. Re: SMEL Drafting thread Has been picked a long time ago, mate. By Johnny with pick 278.
  23. Re: SMEL Drafting thread RACING's autopick Liedson ?
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