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  1. Martin ØDEGAARD has just handed in a transfer request to a managed club in my GW. Problem is, he is currently loaned out to another unmanaged club in the GW. Am I destined to miss out on the bargain £6 million price for him? Also, Kingsley COMAN has handed in a request also. Is it worth picking him up for £14 million - even just to resell for a higher price once transfer ban ends.
  2. If I'm specifically looking for a RB position, who'd you pick: Emerson ROYAL v. Tyler ADAMS *I own Adams but willing to sell and get Royal as a Free Agent.
  3. Keep them coming lads. I'm in need of potential F(RLC)s too if you wanna keep competing. 💪
  4. Thanks lads, that's what I was thinking myself! My dilemma now is who to replace FOFANA? What about the below possibilities? 1. Mohamed SIMAKAN 2. Loïc BADÉ 3. Odilon KOSSOUNOU Any other D(C) the forum would recommend?
  5. I've been offered £15 million and William SALIBA for Wesley FOFANA. Am I stupid not to take this offer? With Saliba going out on loan to Marseille this season, surely he'll be an 87/88 by the end of the season?
  6. I currently have Pedro NETO & Giovanni REYNA however Goes RODRYGO is available. Is it worth trading either Neto or Reyna to secure Rodrygo? Also, what is the forum's opinion on Ander BARRENETXEA v Bryan GIL? Would you sell Barrenetxea to sign Gil?
  7. Just on the Wesley FOFANA leg break, I'm trying to source a replacement asap. He's a starter for my side but with the injury likely won't rise for at least 1 full season? Out of the available players below, who'd the forum recommend? 1. Benoît BADIASHILE 2. Sven BOTMAN 3. Cristian ROMERO 4. Nordi MUKIELE (not too keen due to wages/position) The below is also available however I'm assuming it'll take until the end of the season to reach Fofana's rating? What is the forum's general opinion of these two? 5. Mohamed SIMAKAN 6. Odilon KOSSOUNOU
  8. Also, how does the forum rank the below: 1. Myron BOADU 2. Jonathan DAVID 3. Alexander ISAK 4. Dušan VLAHOVIĆ 5. Donyell MALEN *(I own Vlahovic so I'd be looking to sell/swap for whoever the forum recommends)
  9. If you had the below team and €8 million cash would you sell/swap any squad members for those available externally? Conditions I'm trying to satisfy: 1. Don't blow out the weekly salary 2. Greater interest in potential than immediate rating Starters: Pedro NETO Giovanni REYNA Bench: Giacomo RASPADORI Jérémy DOKU Ander BARRENETXEA Available: (external club) Marcus THURAM Dani OLMO Dejan KULUSEVSKI Goes RODRYGO Víctor OSIMHEN
  10. Yes! Ar dóigh! 😄 Been offered 20,000,000 plus Francisco TRINCÃO and Perr SCHUURS for Pedri... Tempted to tell the other manager to get absolutely f*cked - right decision?
  11. SELLING JUDE BELLINGHAM ADVICE? 🤔 I've managed to sign Jude Bellingham recently in a fairly CGW. A manager moved to another club, leaving a lot of talent /potential behind. I'm a 2nd division team atm but planning for longer term; mainly seeking young, low rated talents. I likely won't be be promoted from D2 currently and struggle frequently for cash etc. Question is, do I transfer list Bellingham for £50 million+ (if possible) once transfer ban is up? Is selling Bellingham for max amount worth it to invest in club for future? e.g. Talents currently available (at external clubs): 1. Jonathan DAVID 2. Dejan KULUSEVSKI 3. Sandro TONALI 4. Goes RODRYGO 5. Jamal MUSIALA 6. Alexander ISAK Thanks in advance! Go raibh maith agaibh!
  12. Thanks Thorgan! I might have the chance to buy Youssoufa MOUKOKO from an unmanaged club within my GW. Who would you choose between SULEMANA and MOUKOKO?
  13. Thanks for the help lads. If I keep Giacomo RASPADORI I'll have to raise about £7 million by selling a few loaned out players. Out of the below, who would you recommend letting go? 1. Adil AOUCHICHE 2. Nicolò ROVELLA 3. Pape SARR 4. Noni MADUEKE 5. Romário BARÓ
  14. Hey Thorgan, I've had Kamaldeen SULEMANA on my shortlist for weeks now. Is it worth buying him as he is fairly expensive for his rating.
  15. Hi Thorgan, I see that you're doing a list of the 50 best Belgian Pro League at the moment. I'm trying to raise some cash to sign a big name player. What do you think of the below players from the Belgian Pro League? 1. Marco KANA 2. Maarten VANDEVOORDT
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