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  1. Back in January 30, 2018, I made a post about this. I have been in this gameworld for 4 and half years, and I reported this about 3 years ago. There are managers on gameworld ID: 5261 That are abusing the inactivity rule by only coming active on the last few days of the inactivity warning. In particular these managers are the Manchester United and Newcastle United managers in this gameworld, which is the time I have been in that gameworld, have had no contribution what so ever to the playability of the gameworld. In that time im yet to see a single transfer being done in and out of those clubs, or a reply to messages, or a breath, abit of movement, a twitch idk, they are just there and they come online once everyone time they get the warning and they repeat the process. Since them, some other players have been following in their footstep, and its ruining the gameworld and the game because without a shadow of a doubt i believe this happens all over the game, and its a cancer. Its been happening for 4 years now. When are we going to get an appropriate response to the million of problems that are in such a promising and unique game.
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