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  1. 5 hours ago, Kieran_S91 said:

    Keep, should rise in the winter review.

    I would sell him now, think he will struggle to rise much further and I do think unfortunately for Leeds, it will be a much tougher season for them/you. Only time will tell on that of course.

    One plus side to Dallas, is that he’s extremely versatile, which is a massive bonus. Something to think about when making a decision.


    4 hours ago, Soccahappy said:

    He has 100% minutes so far ie 3 x 90minute matches. Rayo Vallcano Squad Cap is 85 so if he keeps up a decent number minutes he has the opportunity of rising to 84 or 85. He's only 22.  Keep.

    The weeks ahead will let us see, if Leeds can reach last seasons standards.

    I have little doubt Dallas will get plenty of minutes BUT he is no "spring chicken" at 30. Why not sell and re-buy if he & Leeds are doing well enough in November ahead of the December BIG5 review starting? Will save u wages and possibly u could buy a younger player where the profit percentages are much higher?

    Such as Pascal Struijk for instance still only 22 and getting 100% minutes as Dallas also is so far (Early Days). MOT 😀

    Thank You 😀

    Cheers both, sound advice :)

    Wish I could buy Struijk, friend of mine has already nabbed him :(

  2. 1 hour ago, Kieran_S91 said:

    Manchester City buying Grealish all makes sense now, the player who has had the most fouls committed against him for the past 2 seasons 😂

    Pep: Give it to Jack so he can get fouled in the opponent’s half and lump it in to 6’9 Kyle Hudlin.

    Straight out of the Barry Fry Management Book that, he's even taller than Kevin Francis :P

  3. Thoughts on Mohamed Ihattaren and whether he's worth keeping? I bought him in May last year and his rating hasn't risen since then, in spite of him clocking some decent play time and figures last season.

    Seems that he's no longer wanted/welcome at PSV (he's no longer training with the first team) and there are rumours of other teams sniffing around him, but I'm not sure whether it's worth holding on to him or just selling him at a loss and reinvesting elsewhere.

  4. 12 minutes ago, Kieran_S91 said:

    Read good thinks about Mcgurk, looks a good bit of business for the future along with players they already have like Cody Drameh, Summerville, Gelhardt and even Kenneh who they didn’t buy.

    Yeah, there is some real potential amongst them, and you could add the likes of Charlie Cresswell and Max Dean to them too.

    What will definitely be interesting is the goalkeeping situation. We've got Elia Caprile and added Dani van den Heuvel last year. There are strong rumours that Kiko Casilla will return to Spain on loan for this coming season, which begs the question of who will play backup to Meslier on the bench.

  5. At the risk of straying into @Kieran_S91's and @Soccahappy's territory, thought it might be useful to update on some of the recent additions to the Leeds youth set up. Apologies if this isn't the best place for it.

    For background:

    • Leeds have a small, versatile first-team squad, in line with Bielsa's philosophy;
    • The U23s are used as an extension of the first-team, either to supplement the bench when injuries happen, or to help get first team players back up to fitness (since a limited number of older players can play in U23 games);
    • Leeds use the youth set up to bring in quality youngsters and develop them, either for re-sale or for promotion to the squads further up (best example of this so far is Pascal Struijk);
    • Notable additions over the last year include Sam Greenwood (Arsenal) and Joe Gelhardt (Wigan);
    • With the U23s recently winning promotion to Premier League 2 - Division 1, the club are now looking at increasing the quality/standard of the players so they can continue to be competitive at a higher level, and to continue to do all of the things mentioned above.

    Recent additions:

    • Sean McGurk - following in Gelhardt's footsteps, McGurk has signed from Wigan Athletic, with a view to him going into the U23 setup (currently 65 rated/£140k);
    • Amari Miller - another product of Birmingham City's youth set up, who has some Championship games under his belt - not yet on SM but worth keeping an eye out for;
    • Ones to track for future years (to see if they make the grade) are two players involved in the England U16 set up: Darryl Ombang (goalkeeper, signed from Bradford City) and James Debayo (defender, signed from Watford).

    If anyone would find it interesting, I can note some of the players who've headed out recently too.

  6. 3 hours ago, Soccahappy said:

    The transfer is dragging on a bit. I can say IF Cunha does sign he will have to train harder than he has ever trained B4 and if he doesn't he won't get selected. He will have to love playing "Murder Ball" 

    My understanding is that the payment terms are the sticking point, with Leeds trying to spread out the payment installments across a longer period than Hertha are happy with. From what I've heard, personal terms and the overall fee aren't a concern, so there's still a decent chance of this happening but I'd expect it to take time.

    The Firpo deal seems close to resolution, and there's a good possibility of it being announced next week (assuming everything goes to plan...)

  7. 48 minutes ago, SaintTW said:

    Does anyone have any info on Romain Perraud? Looks like Saints are signing him. Seems very highly rated in France.

    Leeds were interested in him too, which (without wanting to sound egotistical) I'd take as a good sign, given how involved Bielsa is in identifying who we target. Looking likely that we'll sign Junior Firpo soon, hence cooling on Perraud.

  8. On 6/10/2021 at 4:41 PM, Kieran_S91 said:

    Welcome 🤗 

    I would offer Lacroix for Wirtz, that is a fair deal in my opinion but one that you just edge.




    M. Lacroix (straight swap) 4 F. Witz.

    I read you have very good (long term) CB's in Ben White, Kamara and Botmon. 




    Ask for both in your first Bid and see if he counterbids, then offer Cash plus Lacroix for both. Eventually settle for just Wirtz and maybe a bit of cash? At worst settle for Lacroix for Wirtz if U have to.

    Edit: Ebedar Great to hear your a Leeds fan too, 😀 the more the merrier MOT

    Thanks for all the responses and welcome comments :)

    With the way my game world is set up, I would have to offer Lacroix + 7m for Wirtz, as Lacroix is worth 7m and Wirtz is 14m. Anyone think it's still worth pursuing?

  9. Hello. Long time lurker, first time poster 😉

    I have Maxence Lacroix as one of my emerging centre backs (my main options are Denayer/Coady/Kamara and I also have Botman and Ben White coming through). Another manager is asking about his availability in my semi-competitive gameworld. The only players in his squad I'm interested in are Wirtz and Musiala.

    Is it worth me offering Lacroix on an exchange/part exchange for either of those two, or shall I hold onto him?


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