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  1. players no more than 5m and 85 to go up? I have: Gakpo, chalobah, ihattaren, Ugarte, timber, Luke Thomas, brobbey Any other?
  2. Any opinion for Amadou Onana (Lille)?
  3. Is hastelnberg a good option despite his injury, or cucurella best option?
  4. Is Chalobah good invest? should i buy or wait for more matches?
  5. Tsimikas possible +1? Any opinion? Thanks!
  6. Josip Stanisic could be good invest? he is playing at Bayern munich Rtg 73 Value 700
  7. Hi, friends Trubin or Destanoglu?? last review of destanoglu was poor
  8. Should i sell Malen and buy haller. I need to promote. I'm going to play playoffs
  9. Are statistics useful when choosing the players for the game?
  10. should sell dragowski to make money. costil would be my new gk. What about the influence of gk in the game?
  11. Ziyech, Pjanic James rodriguez, guido rodriguez???
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