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  1. Hi, I manage a Real Madrid team and was wondering how good prospects some of my younger players were. They are: Vieira MARCELO Munoz DANIEL PAREJO Gonzalo HIGUAIN Ruben DE LA RED Are any of these players going to change in the next Spanish Ratings and are any of them promising longer term prospects? Thanks
  2. The Spanish ratings are coming up and I was wondering what people thought would happen to the ratings of these two Real Madrid centre backs.
  3. Do you think it is worth me buying Michael Essien for Mahamadou Diarra and £8million?
  4. I manage Manchester United and have been made the offer of swapping Wayne Rooney for Fernando Torres and Jonathan Cristaldo. Do you think it is a good offer?
  5. Re: Young AM Thanks a lot for your help, some very useful suggestions, it's a difficult choice made harder by the fact a manager in my setup has a habit of buying the most promising talent i.e. dzagoev and gourcuff.
  6. Carling


    I know Robinho is a great talent but was wondering how people thought his move to Manchester City will affect his rating.
  7. I have Seedorf as my current AM and am looking for a young replacement for him, preferably a player 22 or younger and rated 90+ or soon to rise to 90+, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  8. I am looking to buy a new right back and was wondering whether you would help me make a decision. I am aware they are two of the best RB's in the game, and am currently edging towards Maicon, but was wondering what other people thought. Thanks.
  9. Hi, It is coming to the end of the season for one of my teams and I am looking to strengthen my team with some new players. I was just wondering what people thought about these players who are currently on my shortlist (whether they will change etc). REINA, Jose RUI PATRICIO PIQUE, Gerard FLETCHER, Darren VAN DER VAART, Rafael MANCINI, Alessandro TOSIC, Zoran VAN NISTLEROOY, Ruud Thanks for your help.
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