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  1. Yesterday I had 460 SM credits from 750 for Gold Management Member status. Today I have 2325 SM credits from 7500. Today I do not have to Extra Club Slots, yesterday I had. Someone reduce my SM credits...??? Why??? Who??? Please respond! Thanks in advance!
  2. Please join World Championship 4598. S.O.S. Championship dying. Only 13 managers stayed. Free clubs: Aresenal Internazionale Lazio Liverpool Benfica Ateletico Madrid Porto Juventus and many many more... Thanks in advance.
  3. Re: Forum really SLOW today Some of my World Games are temporarily disabled.
  4. Re: 'New' Match engine anytime soon?? No, they sitting at home and playing soccermanager.
  5. Re: Match Engine. Sometimes is incomprehensible It happens very often and I do not like it at all. It's not good for the game. They should work on it very seriously.
  6. Re: ATMS dont working good!!! That's it?
  7. Hello, I need some attention! I think that in my World Championship exist some problem with one new manager, probably very young, with 42 reputation level. He sold all best player from the team Nasri for a 45 millions, Clichy - 17M, Sagna - 16M, Van Persie - 31M, Fabregas - 37M+Hernandez+Pandev. Song is on transfer list too with ridiculous transfer fee. I reported that manager to SMFA, by sending a ticket, but ATMS not picked up any cheating in relation to the reported managers and transfers. Ok. Maybe not. I don't think that he wants to cheat. I think that he is not interested to play this game. He just want to ruin Arsenal and this World Championship. After these transfers, Arsenal will be just average team and nobody will be interested to lead that club. After this, maybe I may become not interested to play this game and sell all my best players. Some suggestions? Thanks
  8. Patrola

    Rate My Team Thread

    Re: Rate My Team Thread Crvena Zvezda - WC601 First Team: Youth Team: Loaned Out: :D:D
  9. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2010/2011 (III) I cant understand SM. Please help me. Kompany got 92. Subotic and Hummels not. Why? Please explain me.
  10. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread Falcao stayed to 91.
  11. Re: Netherlands - Eredivisie - Only the biggest risers!! Suarez must rise to 91! 3 goals on World Cup and Uruguay 4th place!
  12. Patrola

    Rate My Team Thread

    Re: Rate My Team Thread We have very similar teams.
  13. Patrola

    Rate My Team Thread

    Re: Rate My Team Thread My Crvena Zvezda Team in WC601 First Div Champion Title Second Div Runner-Up Title Currently the first place. First Team Youth Team Loaned Out Team
  14. Re: youth team GK - moneymaker Maksym Koval - Dynamo Kyiv - (17) 75 -> 80
  15. Re: Kiessling, Suarez, Falcao... please explain me... After WC Suarez goes to 92. +1 for goals and +1 for save.
  16. Re: Games late? Again! I am waiting 2 WC setups.
  17. Re: Kiessling, Suarez, Falcao... please explain me...
  18. Re: Kiessling, Suarez, Falcao... please explain me... I'm not exactly sure of all that things. There are many things unclear about these criteria. I can not believe that the Portuguese league so much better than the Dutch, particularly in the Portuguese league has players with 92 rating, like Bruno Alves. The difference between Dutch and Portuguese league should be a difference between the Dutch and Belgian league, not bigger. In Belgium no one can be rated above 89.
  19. Re: Kiessling, Suarez, Falcao... please explain me...
  20. I cant understand the criteria for rating changes. Please, explain this the example of these 3 players. KIESSLING, Stefan games: 33 goals: 21 assist: 5 league place: 4th league coefficient: 2 SUAREZ, Luis games: 33 goals: 35 assist: 5 league place: 2nd league coefficient: 1.5 FALCAO, Radamel games: 26 goals: 25 assist: 0 league place: 3rd league coefficient: 1.5 I think that all of these players deserve 91 rating, not only Falcao. Suarez has a better stats than Falcao, Kiessling is playing in a better league. Explain me SM criteria. Thanks and Regards
  21. Re: German Risers!!!! Hummels 87-89
  22. Re: Games late? Still waiting all my WC games...
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