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  1. The Draft Room is now Open!
  2. Sorry Ash, the date and time seemed the perfect choice for the majority; What could be more important than this anyway! Also, thinking back, I think all SM Fantasy Drafts have been done on a Thursday Night at 7pm.
  3. ANNOUNCEMENT With an even number of owners now entered into the SM Fantasy NFL League, the Draft Date and Time has been set for; Thursday September 3rd at 19:00 British Time
  4. Not Technically; Transfer Fee: £59.7million Wages: £8million Total Spent £67.7m Transfer Fee Rec'd £44million + £5million add ons Kit Sales: 400,000 (with Di Maria on the back) 400,000 x £70 (Ave Price for Kit with name on the back) = £28million Total Received £77.1m £77.1m - £67.7m = £9.4m PROFIT! (This doesn't even include the other merchandise that could be linked with Di Maria, posters etc.)
  5. We need one more Fantasy Team Owner to join the League. I cannot remember if I promised someone the spot, so if the interested parties could message me then that'd be great. Thanks
  6. Re: SM NFL Fantasy League Calm down Ash! Just waiting for Andy to activate the league
  7. Re: Available GC Teams (This is NOT a Discussion Thread) Manchester United GC47 Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, Angel di Maria, Juan Mata
  8. Re: SM NFL Fantasy League Pleased to have you on board, loving the team name! It would appear the two Dolphins fans are currently facing each other in Week 1
  9. Re: The Official NFL Thread.
  10. Re: The Official NFL Thread.
  11. Re: SM NFL Fantasy League You should have been sent a link with instructions to join the league
  12. Re: SM NFL Fantasy League When the Fantasy 2015 opens, I'll ask you for your email and will send you the invitation.
  13. Re: The Official NFL Thread. What are your thoughts on the following Alex...? Jimmy Graham and 4th to the Seahawks for Max Unger and 31st pick to the Saints.
  14. Re: Available GC Teams (This is NOT a Discussion Thread) GC47 - Manchester United Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, Di Maria, Mata, Lavezzi, Cazorla and many more..
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