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  1. Hi I have just created a new custom game World in the European format consisting of two divisions (x 10 clubs) Nathan's European Elite Gw Id - 440704 Feel free to join! Hoping to make it a fun, challenging game World with the input of others . The Gw is currently totally open for anyone to join Let me know if you'd like a club Images below Thanks for reading 😁 Nathan
  2. I purchased a game World around 2 weeks ago I have still not received it. I have raised 4 tickets, I have just noticed that 1 ticket my original has been closed but no action or reply taken. I have emailed the support link 3 times now to , with no response except raise a ticket. I have been charged through my mobile billing but have no received anything back surely a simple fix? I don't know what else to try? I only want my goods which I've paid for
  3. Hi I posted a week ago on here that I had purchased a game World through mobile billing, however it still hasn't appeared. I have created 2 tickets this was a week ago and sent 2 emails. The purchase was made but no reply?? Thanks Nathan
  4. Hi It's been 2 hours? Have created a ticket
  5. Hi I have just purchased a custom game World but it is not showing on my account? I have the email confirming purchase? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Nathan
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