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  1. Am i the only one who thinks that he is desperately underatted???? He was nominated fo rafrican player of the year again this year, losing eventually to Adebayor... however the other nominations (Adebayor, Essien & Drogba) are all rated 93-95-96. Aboutrika starred in the African cup of nations for Egypt and is considered to be the Egytian Zidane. if he is being compared to argubably the best player to have ever played football then surely he deserves a better rating. The only reason that Aboutrika is at 89 is because he plays in the Egyptian league... surely a rise to 90/91 would be more a
  2. Re: Six Nations Championship: Who should be the 6th Nation? CAn i be TSG hoffenheim???????????
  3. Re: Six Nations Championship: Who should be the 6th Nation? Personally i would go for Russia. they are rated as the sixth best league in europe by UEFA. the teams i would have would be the Five moscow based clubs and Zenit St Petersburg...
  4. Re: German ratings 08/09 Very good job, although i disagree with some... probably because they are in my teams:)
  5. Re: please help with some deals i would get a very underatted player Aboutrika (Al Ahly) he is a V. good talent, and because he is at a club that is not well known you can trade ur cheap players for him...
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