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  1. Re: Celtic - A Force for The Future? Oh it 's all gone quiet Over and Over there Shhhhhhhhhhhh
  2. Re: Celtic - A Force for The Future? :rolleyes::rolleyes 1 trophy down, 3 in a row upon us
  3. I current have Jack Wilshere but no cash and M'Vila is available at an unmanaged club from tomorrow. Is it worth selling Wilshere to fund purchase of M'Vila. Who will potentially be the highest rated in the future?
  4. Re: Emilio Izaguirre OMG, this is a ridiculous statement. He was destroyed last night by Hearts David Templemen, which will hopefully put to bed this theory that he is the best left back in the world
  5. Re: Celtic - A Force for The Future? One of the most shameful displays ever
  6. Re: Celtic - A Force for The Future? http://news.sky.com/skynews/Home/UK-News/Celtic-Park-Anti-Poppy-Banner-Protest-Football-Club-Promises-Life-Bans-For-Fans-Involved/Article/201011215797452?f=rss Scotland's Shame
  7. Re: Celtic - A Force for The Future? Why? The thread has nothing to do with Rangers, who incidently are top of the SPL How long before we get the anti-poppy tirade..............
  8. Re: Celtic - A Force for The Future? Unbelievably this is the same Celtic team that was played off the park by Rangers two weeks ago and referred to as the worst team in Celtic's history by many ex players Re point on Old Firm, it is ludicrous to suggest that they would only be mid table championship. The quality of the EPL is nowhere near what the media publicise this it to be, other than the top 6 or 7. God, Charlie Adam at Blackpool, Chris Burke at Cardiff and Barry Ferguson at Birmingham, all players discarded by Rangers at all now best players at their respective clubs.
  9. Re: Ross Forbes Sale Ross Forbes will achieve maximum 84/85 in his career. He has had a relatively decent 18 months or so, after a rocky spell on loan to Dumbarton. He is not a guaranteed starter, so if you are being offered over 4m, I would grab it mate
  10. Re: James Forrest - Celtic Winger Stop BRAGAGAGING
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