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  • Birthday 02/25/1988


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    I'm born in Toronto, Ontario and moved to Switzerland 9 years ago as my Grandparents are Swiss.
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    The World of Pink Panther
  • Interests
    Listening to Muse/Artic Monkeys and watching Skins!
  • Favourite Football Club
    Liverpool & FC Zurich
  • Participating In Following Setups
    Rand1980's FIFA World Club Championship, World Championship 5284 and English Championship 742
  • Favourite Football Player
    Daniel Alves, Klaas-Jan Huntelaar, David Villa, Fernando Llorente, Leo Messi and Thierry Henry
  • SM Honours Won
    10 GC Honours + 12 Normal Honours = 22 Honours won
  1. Re: Players in different shirts. Sure Mate, You Can Complete It For Me.
  2. Re: Players in different shirts. I havent done Clarkey's request LOL, been busy over the past few days as PM's keep coming and asking for signatures. I think I'll hand his request to Matt(snowy)to handle. Sorry!
  3. Re: Most Helpful (March) Myself? I Think Either Darshan Or Cale Or Radebe Are There. But I'm Not Sure Who's Helpful Here Too.
  4. Re: Ryan's Updated Sig Request Thread Ryan, Are You A Golden Member At SportGFX? Just Curious Because I Saw The Signature You're Using Is From A Tutorial There.
  5. Re: Signature Design Feedback Hey guys, havent touched PS for a while so I guess This Is My "Latest": Well Ken wanted a sig of Macheda so I had no choice but to do it. Experimenting stuff too, comments?
  6. Re: Signature Design Feedback An Hour Is Not Enough For A Sig Aaron. I Took 5 Hours To Complete A Classy Sig And Many Liked It. Improve On The Text Mate As It Looks Wierd To Me. Renders Are Small But Try To Make It Bigger, Not Too Big.
  7. Re: Players in different shirts. Ok mate, I'm on it.
  8. Re: Best Player Ever Pele and Cantona for me here, both superb legends.
  9. Re: Best Scout (March) Gonna Be Radebe For Myself.
  10. Re: Most Helpful (March) Neller is surely there as well as burs. My vote for Neller though!
  11. Re: Best Overall Forumer (March) Kenny for me, been everywhere in the forums too. Well done candidates!
  12. Re: Best Signature (March) Kensational for me.
  13. Re: What would your name be? Ashmoraldo Is What I Got. Not Bad For A Brazilian Name...
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