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  1. Re: jamie murphy Aahhhh - but like the "Murphy's" we're not Bitter!
  2. Re: Belguim, France and Switzerland risers! Ok thanks for input and follow up on Boumsong - *Repped*
  3. Re: Belguim, France and Switzerland risers! Hi guys, Anyone got any thoughts on how Jean-Alain BOUMSONG and Frederic PIQUIONNE will do in the upcoming ratings and will PIQUIONNE have to wait until English ratings come round?? Thanks in advance!!
  4. Re: Need a CM/LM rate 89 or better and got 8 Million ?????? Thanks for the responses and suggestions - gotta go shopping now!!!
  5. As the headline suggests - who should I sign - Idealy I need someone who is going to be under this amount and rise to hit 89 or at this amount and hold their rating, which needs to be no less than - 89!! I'm looking for a private league so availability ain't a biggy - Cheers
  6. Re: Bundesliga Risers, Talents and Droppers 2009 Anyone any idea how Tim Borowski will get on in the changes - I know someone asked earlier but the handbags came out and the reply never came. Thanks in advance for info - and great work and thread again!!
  7. Re: SwanseaJack's 80-85 Great British Leagues Risers There was me hoping for an 83 - optimistic I know but thought the big man may have been in with a shout. May hold on to him for old times sake then cut him loose after the changes. Thanks for update on him..........
  8. Re: SwanseaJack's 80-85 Great British Leagues Risers First of - Nice thread!! Secondly, and it may be deamed off topic but I don't think so - how do you see Stephen Dobbie's rating when the changes come round for the UK ?? Top goalscorer in the Scottish 1st Division for Queen of The South last season followed by a free transfer move to Swansea in the summer, where he has banged in a good few goals already this season. Currently rated 79 and available for about 800k - I'm holding on to him in hope of a healthy rise as he ticks all the boxes criteria wise for SM to be good to him. Your opin
  9. Re: Best system against 4-4-2 Diamond ?? Hah - I won 2-0. Thank you both for your input - my opponent can't believe it.
  10. Re: Best system against 4-4-2 Diamond ?? Thanks guys - I'll let you know how I get on.
  11. Whats the best system to play against an opponent who fields a 4-4-2 diamond formation with the left and right midfielders pushing up. Oh and whilst giving away 3 average team point and playing away from home ?? Anyones thoughts are appreciated before I get myself smacked about this Saturday........
  12. Re: Counter tactician help Hey, Back again looking for more advice on how to counter a team that always plays 3-4-1-2 and is 5 points better than me!!! Here's his last game:- 1 2 4 3 7 5 6 8 10 9 11 Starting XI Average Av Rating Av Age Av Value 92 33 £6.5M Starting Line-Up No Pos Nat Player Rat Pf Rt 1 Gk E. VAN DER SAR 94 7 2 RB/LB G. ZAMBROTTA 94 7 3 DM/LB G. VAN BRONCKHORST 91 6 4 Def C. PANUCCI 91 6 5 CM J. VERON 91 6 6 CM P. SCHOLES 92 8 7 RM/CM M. CAMORANESI 92 6 8 LM/CM R.
  13. Re: Back Line Shakeup !! Yeah Schwarzer is 89 at the moment and Fulham were pretty solid at the back last season so I just don't know what to do. He's getting on a bit now as well 36 the old codger.......... As for Traore, does anyone know how he is doing with PSG ????
  14. Thanks for any feedback. Looking at my back line, I have Mark Schwarzer in goal and big Sammy Traore in front of him. Both are awaiting a rating change so should I sell them on now or does anyone think they will get a rise and be worth keeping hold off ?? All thoughts welcome...........
  15. Re: Help - I'm goin to get tanked !!!!!! LOL - Yeah I ramble on - I need to figure out how to do screenshots to make it easier for everyone. Thanks for the reply though - I'll probably go with something like that unless anyone else comes up with something. Cheers !!!!!!
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