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  1. Re: Debt Restrictions it might do mate but but in real issues will u see a manager let his club get in laods of debt etc
  2. Re: Sponsors i know this game has no age restrictions im 19 meself and dont mind the dating advertisements, but someone whos 14 maybe playing this and there mum or dad come past the screen and see a advertisement to a dating site saying " are you single? cick here now" then they might ban them from going on the site, i know id be abit concerned if my young uns were on a game which advertised dating ha
  3. Re: Debt Restrictions i like number 3 if the team gets into so much debt then they get sacked from there club, then when another player goes to join the club they might start on zero to get the team out of debt maybe by selling a valuble player, to make the balance steady,
  4. maybe SM could introduce a team of the week, it wont have no affect, i just like to see how my players are doing compared to other players in the league if a player makes the team of the week youll know that they was one of the best played Defenders in the league that week, maybe could even have each player to get in the team of the week gets 400k added to club balance in divison 1 300k in divison 2 200k in divison 3 and 100k in divison 4, out of the possibilty of the money coming in, there is a slim chance you will get alot of your teams players that week making the team of the week, there fo
  5. Re: loan deals maybe not 2 seasons buy maybe range from 10 games 20 30 full season etc
  6. Re: Sponsors couldnt the sponsors be advertisements etc, for example with consent you use, GAME the computer game shop, if you click the logo of game it sends you to the game website, where then you might buy a game thanks to Soccer Manager would work better then advertisements on single women which keep poping up
  7. Re: Idea To Maybe Get Some Worth Back Into Money i like the idea i was thinking along the same lines for like morale training if they was on a low morale but a big game coming up maybe put them on training which would improve there morale by some which would work out good, im new to the game so not sure if moreale as anything to do with how the team plays, also it does last abit long for the non fit players to become match fit again, the injuries i like as they consist to real players injuires where you have to wait a specific time for them allowed to play and what not, so dont think that nee
  8. Re: Sponsors i seen on a differant site, something similar is based around this, but after every so many games, they set u a task you have to read a paragraph based on the subject and answer 3 multiple choice questions each of which u get cash for, if you get all 3 rite if you get 1mil in funds, if you get one wrong then you get 250k pair right answer, my work maybe,
  9. Re: hi there Accrington Stanley rule more like Cheers for the welcome people
  10. im new to the game so bare with me, but i found it rather easy for my players to sign a contract at my club, now i think it would kinda make it more realistic, if it was harder to get players to sign contracts. obviously not going into to much detail like on Football manager games as it would fill the database, but i mean maybe introduce, a system where you have to pay for your player to sign a new contract like if they want sign: 1 year extension: 20% of the players SM value 2 year extension: 30% of the players SM value 3 year extension: 40% of the players SM value 4 year extension: 50% o
  11. Stanley1889

    hi there

    now then! im new to the game so bare with me, need to get used to a few things anyhow, my clubs are Everton in English Championship 93 Bolton in English Championship 504 Accrington Stanley in ENglish Champioship 197
  12. can anyone shed any light on how the moreale works? how doe sit increase and decrease? is it if they play good it goes up play rubbish it goes down or is it based over a period of time, if you cna guess im new to the game
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