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  1. I've got Kaka and I could sell him for that much. And if I do it, should I replace him with Nasri who's in an external club? Lots of competition for players in my GW
  2. Re: Dejan Lovren and Antoine Griezmann for Juan Mata Amazing deal. I envy you greatly.
  3. Re: Ramsey or Alex Oxlade? I think Chamberlain's got more potential than Ramsey, just hope he doesn't get hit by the 'Injury Around 20' curse like Ramsey, Wilshere or lately Frimpong.
  4. Re: My team Sell Lucio for sure. And you could use Banega or Song to pick up solid CMs like Marchisio. Look into buying Jones, Smalling, Hummels, Subotic, Benatia or Kone.
  5. Re: My Sunderland team For me, keep the ones in bold. Boyata may come good at City next season, but there's a long pecking order there. Don't know about Costa, as well as Kakuta's chances of making Chelsea's first team next season. Rodwell needs to leave Everton to hit the big ratings. If you're getting rid of Vidic, try using him to get Pique if you want. Boateng's safe at Bayern I think, he's the safest Def to have right now.
  6. Re: Sell Essien and then buy who? I'd buy Aguero, Alves and Higuain. And I'd also look at getting better wingers. Dzudszak, Malouda and Krasic don't set the world on fire. To replace Essien you could try for Busquets or Marchisio. And Bale, Hazard, Gotze, Shaqiri, Muniain, Lucas or Thiago as young stars for wingers
  7. Re: Fletcher or Meireles? Take Meireles, he's a regular at the Bridge and I doubt Fletcher will be as good as he was before he got sidelined.
  8. Re: Modric = Hernandez + Young I wouldn't do it. I'd try getting a younger player like Muller. Young and Hernandez can get rises in future.
  9. Re: Luis ANDERSON or Claudio MARCHISIO Buy Marchisio. Sincerely, a Man United fan
  10. Re: Which of these wingers? Milner and Young may come good too. Last I heard Krasic's out of favour at Juve.
  11. Re: David Alaba + 2mil for Reus a fair deal? Solid deal given your already packed midfield.
  12. Re: another bargain? He's versatile. Good buy for that price
  13. Re: Nemanja Vidic Don't think it's a mistake at all, in spite of his injury. You could always make a profit from selling him anyway. Major coup there.
  14. Re: Keep or sell You could get better youngsters than those I think. I'd sell them all.
  15. Re: My Youth Squad I'd keep the kids in bold. But there may be others worth keeping too. I'm relying on other forumers to add or subtract from that
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