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  1. Re: Wilson Cuero- The 'new Pato' and only 10k! I doubt he's the new Pato, he's probably more in the mold of a Cristian "Chucho" Benitez from Birmingham City. Short, good technically, not a true Center Forward. Nonetheless, good find, Colombia has a lot of young talent.
  2. Re: Nicolás Lodeiro I had him rising +2 (to 86) when the Uruguay ratings came along in about a month, he's scored a number of goals for Nacional during the season (even with him taking part in the U-20 WC). Great signing for Ajax, I can see him rising +3/4 if he gets games at Ajax in 2 or 3 months when the Dutch ratings are reviewed again.
  3. Re: Nassim Ben Khalifa - aged 17 Yes indeed. Remember who found him first , he's one for the future.
  4. Re: Why is my Shakhtar team still sturggling? any of 3 would be great choices
  5. Re: Why is my Shakhtar team still sturggling?
  6. Re: Why is my Shakhtar team still sturggling? Ive noticed lately that no matter how good a team is, if you change formations it really could affect your team. My Barca team is stacked, but when I changed formations they couldnt win at all! It's something SM needs to fix, because good teams should be able to win with any formation (unless players are playing out of position). I think theyve put too much emphasis on keeping a winning formation that it doesnt allow you to miss-and-match. It basically discourages actually "managing" a team and instead encourages ppl to go 4-4-2 default :\
  7. Re: Antonio Valencia *must* get a 91. you guys often forget that SM also looks at how well the player(s) are performing in European competitions... for example... LUIS SUAREZ didn't rise in the dutch ratings because he wasn't playing in the CL... VALENCIA is playing in the CL and SCORING... he's a definite 91. I'm not exactly a fan of how they do the ratings, but they favor CL players over non-CL players... therefore, Lennon will only rise +1 and Valencia +2 even though it is clear that Lennon has been the better player this season.
  8. Re: It's a scandal the Suarez hasn't risen to 91 i already have, but they brushed it off by saying they don't respond to these kinds of tickets
  9. Re: Kieran Smith and James Prikee's Rating Predictions of the Eredivise
  10. Re: List of Cheap risers and potential risers It would be better if you included the positions of these players, but nonetheless great job. I'm looking for a young CB who'll rise, but I can't make one out from your list.
  11. Re: Slaven Stjepanovic DIDN'T RISE??? WHY??? SM does seem to be skipping some legit risers... Celjak, Kramaric (to name a few), but it seems like they're still reviewing... so let's be patient.
  12. Re: Whats with all this coincidental bids on Sm today.. yes, i just noticed that teams are bidding for their real players... i sold Paulo Henrique back to Santos for a 5m profit.
  13. Re: Need help with beating real madrid (who have all the best players) I actually beat the Real Madrid first team with my Barcelona Cup team today... here's the match report link: http://www.soccermanager.com/matchreport.php?fixtureid=43818883 (dont know if it works outside of a GW?) edit: dont think it does... well, the GW is World Championship 6434, just go to Barcelona then hit Schedule and you'll all see. My 4-2-3-1 worked to perfection with the wingers making runs towards goals. My tactics: Team Style Tackling Style: Normal Mentality: Normal Passing Style: Direct Attacking Style: Through the Middle Tempo: Normal Pressing: Own Area Counter-Attack: Yes Men Behind Ball: No Tight Marking: No Play Offside: No Use Play Maker: Yes Use Target Man: Yes
  14. Re: Aly Cissokho - F.C.Porto´s new signing I immediately knew when I first saw him play for Setubal that he was a special player. And now it's all become more fact than just an opinion. It was a shame to see him leave Porto so early, but it's good to know that Porto helped bring forth the next great Left Back in world football. Lyon is looking mighty strong with their new signings Cissokho/Bastos/Lopez/Gomis. I think they'll win the French league rather easily and push deep into the CL.
  15. Re: Gold Championship 67 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread I'm Bari
  16. Re: Argentinian Analysis Huracan were ROBBED. It was an obvious foul on the play... how do you allow a player to kick the keeper and not call a foul Crazy finale, but the better team did not win I'm afraid.
  17. Re: Aly Cissokho - F.C.Porto´s new signing (now at Milan) Well, Porto have been linked with Gignac of Toulouse, who was one of the top scorers in Ligue 1 last season. He'd be the kind of guy who would replace Lisandro easily. But, as of right now, Porto have not received a good enough offer to let Lisandro leave anyways. I think they'll just end up selling Alves (25m to Barca) & Cissohko (15m to Milan).
  18. Re: Aly Cissokho - F.C.Porto´s new signing
  19. Re: Mexican Risers (2009) SM needs some explaining to do. Everyone seems dumbfounded. The Cruz Azul players took a huge hit, even though they finished runners-up in both the 2008 Clausura and Apertura.
  20. Re: Javier PASTORE - Man Utd Target I believe we're looking at the next Argentine star in the making, everyone in Argentina is raving about this guy. I believe he has the quality to hit 90 within the next year as long as he keeps doing what he's been doing. At 19 years old, to play at such a high level like he is, is almost unheard of. He's the star on a team that is battling for the 2009 Clausura. (Currently 3rd, and 2pts from 1st)
  21. Re: Benfica signs Ramires Every indication is that he'll be a part of the Brazil squad for years to come. I watched the Cruzeiro x Flamengo match last weekend and he scored a quality goal. Apparently he's a "DM" so he's got the skills to be a box-to-box CM. As for him going to Benfica, I doubt he'll make a big enough impact for them to finish in the top 2 next year, because I don't see enough talent on Benfica right now. They're close to selling Luisao to Man City and they have yet to permanently sign Reyes, which will likely not happen at all if Sanchez Flores is sacked/leaves for Atletico Madrid. He would be better off going to CSKA Moscow just because CSKA has more quality and Zico is the manager.
  22. Re: Argentinian Analysis Hey Radebe, if the ratings were done tomorrow how much would Javier Pastore increase and would his position change at all?
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