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  1. :odoes anyone know what will happen to wesley sneijders rating because i am aware that he has just gone to inter milan. Is there a chance of a drop or is he likely to stay at 94? help appreciated!!
  2. Re: Ronaldo Position? i suppose you could put him AM. you could try it and see how he performs;) but if i was you id stick to his preffered positions which are either on the wing or forward.
  3. Re: i need a gd LB!!!!! HELP what rating??? if ure looking for a riser who is fairly young id go for lescott, fucile or marcelo. marcelo would be the best bet imo, but lescott and fucile are both expected to rise.
  4. Re: Left backs also marcelo will probs rise to 91 cemented the left back position at real up to now.
  5. Re: Left backs fucicle and lescott will probs rise
  6. Re: 2 transfer dilemmas! ah sorry, i would keep adebayor then and go for xabi alonso, fabregas?
  7. Re: Help with formation for v. good players... play 4-5-1: GK---casilas RB---ramos CB---pepe CB---albiol LB---arbeloa CM--- alonso CM--- Las diarra RM---ronaldo LM--- ribery AM--- KAKA FWD--- Torres/rooney SUBS- Torres/rooney fabianski Benzema robben marcelo Hope this helps, if i was you id get a new right back zambrotta would be good.
  8. Re: What am i doing wrong ? go straight 442 works for me top of the league is two out of three leagues and i use that formation every game! actually i take that back it is virtually impossuble to drop kaka go with 4-2-3-1
  9. Re: DIEKMEIER, Dennis (Nurnberg riser)* looks like a good find i think ill snap him up, cheers!
  10. Re: Cheap Back-Up Winger help! ah sorry missed that bit never mind.
  11. Re: Camoranesi orite mate, i have got cameronaisi for two of my teams. I think he should keep his 92 because hes still playing regularly for juve and performing fairly well. However, i dont watch italian football regularly so i couldnt rule out a drop in rating but if so would only be to 91.
  12. Re: Vanger love rating???? And 92+ risers???? fabiano? rise? u sure?
  13. Anyone know what will happen to vanger love's rating because i know he has just moved back to brazil, which makes me think that he will drop to a 91. Also can someone reccomend a possible replacement? Thanks for help!!
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