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  1. Re: Ronaldo Position?

    Yes CR7:) It seems a waste to play him on the wings because he would get the ball less then in the middle. Could he play attacking mid? I usually play through the middle because i'm playing a 3-5-2.

    i suppose you could put him AM. you could try it and see how he performs;) but if i was you id stick to his preffered positions which are either on the wing or forward. :o

  2. Re: Help please!

    does anyone know how to report transfers to SMFA please tell me HELP!!

    go on your club which is in the setup of the illegal transfer. on the bar at the top go to game world --->>> transfers--->> all transfers. you will then get an option to report the tranfer as illegal.

  3. Re: Help with formation for v. good players...

    play 4-5-1:






    CM--- alonso

    CM--- Las diarra


    LM--- ribery

    AM--- KAKA

    FWD--- Torres/rooney







    Hope this helps' date=' if i was you id get a new right back zambrotta would be good.[/quote']

    i meant left back btw someone such as ashley cole.

  4. Re: Help with formation for v. good players...

    It would be nice if someone more experienced than me can help me with formation for my team.

    I made an affort to make my team YOUNG and SKILLED in this same time.

    Avarage age of ALL my players is 23years' date=' and awarage rating is 92.

    But it is very suprising that i cant find good formation for my team - every match is a pain, even with smaller teams.

    So i will appreciate any suggestions :)

    My team:


    play 4-5-1:






    CM--- alonso

    CM--- Las diarra


    LM--- ribery

    AM--- KAKA

    FWD--- Torres/rooney







    Hope this helps, if i was you id get a new right back zambrotta would be good.

  5. Re: 2 transfer dilemmas!

    1st Sell Juan sebastian Veron for 12m - he isnt getting younger - not sure how he is doing of late in Brazil - will he change this week ratings wise?

    2nd Swap my Adebayor for De Rossi and 12m - I know Adebayor is going well at city' date=' but they arent in europe. As for Roma and the itallian season is only 2 games old so they probably wont stay bottom... would improve my midfield slightly (have carrick toure vaart nasri.... weaken my attack slightly tho have henry forlan and kanoute instead... decisions decisions.....

    couldnt find the transfer deals help thread... is it about still?[/quote']

    i would do both deals. veron wont rise and like you said he is getting older. u will get 12mil like u said for veron which i reckon is a good deal. the second deal is also one that u should do imo. Adebayor is having a good start to the season but i doubt hell rise soon. De rossi is secure at 94 and could be the player you need. you will also be getting 12million from this deal and you could put the money together that u will be recieving to replace adebayor with someone such as lisandro lopez.

  6. Re: Young GK Needed!

    im AFC Bournemouth and i need to buy 1' date=' maybe 2 young goalkeepers that i know will rise, but i only want to cost under 1million, maybe just over.

    hope you can help :):P[/quote']

    Vincenzo FIORILLO, hell rise italian u21 international and looks like a real prospect will cost u about 400k.:)

  7. Re: What am i doing wrong ?

    Oki ill try ur changes and ill apply a 4-2-3-1 formation this time.

    or anyone has other suggestions ?

    go straight 442 works for me top of the league is two out of three leagues and i use that formation every game!

    actually i take that back it is virtually impossuble to drop kaka go with 4-2-3-1

  8. Re: DIEKMEIER, Dennis (Nurnberg riser)*

    Name: DIEKMEIER' date=' Dennis[/b']

    Position: RB/RM

    D.O.B: 20/10/1989

    Club: 1. FC Nurnberg

    SM Rating: 78

    09/10 Bundesliga statistics: 4 starts, 0 sub, 364 mins; 0 GLS; 0 YC, 0 RC;


    Dennis Diekmeier is a German full back, who currently plays with Nurnberg having moved from Werder Bremen earlier this year. Diekmeier is a very promising attacking right back, with plenty of pace and a good engine enabling him to get up and down the flank both quickly and effectively throughout the matches. He is also very aware as a player and uses this ability to get himself into advanced positions where he can then finish off a move or supply a dangerous ball into the box.

    He has been capped at U19 level with Germany, whereby in their qualifying group for the European Championships in 2008, he played six times and scored an impressive three times from the right back position.


    The defender who wears the number 2 shirt at Nurnberg also played a key part in their promotion to the Bundesliga last season, and it is reported that his market value is around £1,800,000. He made 17 appearances after only joining in late January this year. He managed an assist this season, his only one to date, in the club's DFB Pokal win against Dynamo Dresden.

    Despite his side lying 17th in the Bundesliga, with no wins so far, Diekmeier has been a stand out for them, and has made a very positive start to the season. He will look to continue this in their next match, at home to Borussia Monchengladbach this Saturday.

    I predict a rating change of 78>83 at least, please comment :).

    looks like a good find i think ill snap him up, cheers!

  9. Re: arda turan .. URGENT!!

    i have had a 15mill bid accepted for him. do you think this is a good deal? will he rise next rating changes? if so what will he rise too? thanks in advance .. help will be rewarded!![/QUO

    i would not say so its a lot of money to pay for someone of his calibre i would tend to go for someone like valencia, ashley young maybe nani.

  10. Re: 92+ Strikers

    What about any 94/95 rated strikers who are gonna increase/stay at there rating for a few more seasons?

    Im looking to swap Kuyt for a better striker you see

    would swapping kuyt for López LISANDRO if i can' date=' be a good deal?[/quote']

    ye i would say so kuyt wont rise and is 29 and lopez may rise to 93 if he keeps up his good form at lyon.

  11. Re: Will they rise or drop?

    I have a few question on this players.

    Will they rise or drop? Should i keep them?

    PABLO HERNANDEZ' date=' Dominguez

    ANDERSON, Luis

    FELLAINI, Marouane

    KALOU, Salomon

    AMRABAT, Nordin


    TASCI, Serdar

    AGBONLAHOR, Gabriel

    MEIRA, Fernando[/quote']

    Luis anderson- wont rise may drop one as is struggling at man utd at the momement.

    Fellaini- probs stay at 90 good player when fit but hasnt done anything spectacular as of late.

    hernandez- may rise one if he plays consistently otherwise will stay at 88.

    kalou- i think hes currently over rated so i would expect a drop of one unless he shows something special in the coming weeks.

    Agbonlahor- i think hell rise to 90 had a great season last year but has struggled for form in pre season and the first few games this season so he may stay at 89.

  12. Re: Frazier Campbell? - Buy/Forget??

    Fraizer Campbell was bought by Sunderland.

    Has he done if anything enough so far in the season' date=' for SM to think about a rise?

    Currently Rated 85.[/quote']

    orite mate, i think he may get a rise of 1 or possibly 2 at the very most but he hasnt set the world alight recently, he struggled at totenham last season when he was on loan there and hasnt got a goal yet this season. :)

  13. Re: Cheap Back-Up Winger help!

    I was thinking about Pienaar' date=' have to see if the manager accepts, but tbh with the money I'm offering I wouldn't accept it. Batos is just too expensive but I've put in a deal for Pablo, I completely forgot about him, but the Valencia manager is pretty reluctant to sell other players, but lets see what happens.[/quote']

    dont go for either, antonio valencia is your best bet just moved to man utd rated 89 a rise is deffinate to 90/91.:)

  14. Re: Camoranesi


    will he go down from 92?

    orite mate, i have got cameronaisi for two of my teams. I think he should keep his 92 because hes still playing regularly for juve and performing fairly well. However, i dont watch italian football regularly so i couldnt rule out a drop in rating but if so would only be to 91.

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