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  1. Re: fabregas- should i accept? :Dcheers for the advice, i was probabley going to keep him anyway but worth while seeing what others think
  2. i have fabregas for my roma team and i have had a bid of ronaldinho and £20million for him. Should i accept this, i know ronaldinho is a great player but may he decrease and my back up CM in Viera who i think will drop aswel.
  3. Re: New Owner Needed!!! if you are so bothered then why dont you buy a gold membership for yourself then buy the league for £2.99
  4. Re: Help urgently needed dont do the swap, he is only getting minutes at arsenal because of fabregas's injury. he will not rise by 3 to 91 in the next changes no chance and deco got at least 2 seasons left in him:confused:
  5. anyone know of any lb's or rb's worth buying on the rise to at least 91 for certain? i need them for a team with average rating of 92? thanks
  6. Alessandro Mancini- what will happen to his rating in the near future? thanks!!
  7. i need names of players that are going to rise inthe next few weeks, preferably players rising by 5+ many thanks for any help!!!!!
  8. i need a winger.. who is better, joe cole of hleb.. are any likely to decrease in rating? i currently play mutu or perrotta on the wing out of position and i feel i need a natural winger to play there.
  9. joe cole or alexandre hleb? hu is better? will either decreae in rating?? i need a winger desperately as i currently play mutu or perrotta there out of position? Thanks!!!!
  10. i have had a bid for robben of 8.5mil and kanoute accepted, i am in desperate need of a winger so should i accept? if so, who would be an ideal replacement for kanoute, i was thinking forlan, but he is 12mil and i have a budget of around 8? thanks
  11. Re: New Arsenal team - almost unlimited potential for signings - help!
  12. Re: Help With Transfers Thread! luis perea? shoudl i sign him, is he goin up or down or staying?
  13. luis perea- 30 years old- rated 91- CB/RB plays for Atletico Mardid, i have had a bid accepted for him and is he goin up or down? any comments appreciated!!
  14. Re: lassana, van persie, robben??????? ta for the comments every1
  15. Lassana Diarra, Robben, van persie- are any of these going up in the next rating changes, if so to what rating? Also, i was thinking of buying lassana diarra for cover in cm, wither van persie or robben for winger, which one of these two would be the best buy and why.. any comments much appreciated.
  16. Re: Wingers RB cheers for the comments very useful any more suggestions welcome
  17. Anyone know wingers and right back who are deffinately going to hit 92+, i need them for a team with an average rating of 93? comment appreciated
  18. Re: Where do i need to strengthen???? thanks again for that.. u think i should sell any of the following Mutu Kanoute Bordon If so, replacements? thanks again!
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