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  1. I currently have a Roma team and require a few additions to add strength in depth to my team. I need help on the following please: LM- I need a good LM player who is already or liekly to rise to at least 92, I currently play perrotta or Suazo Alex there and i think that they will both decrease in rating because of their age. RM- I also want a new RM who will eventually replace cameronaisi, who i think is on his way down. I would need a player who is similar to the rating that i require for a LM. CM- I have fabregas and de rossi playing in central midfield. However, i need another body rated 92+ for cup games etc. Finally, i have heard from other threads that the following players that i have are going to decrease in rating: Patrick Viera-93 Perrotta-92 Cameronaisi-93 Gabriel Milto-93 I would like opinions on whether any of these players will decrease, and if so what rating will they decrease to? I would be very grateful of any help or suggestions thanks!
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