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  1. Re: Lee's list of 88+ risers A few 88 players not mentioned that I hope will rise. SCHAARS, Stijn ZAPATER, Alberto MENDES DA SILVA, David ZOKORA, Didier any views??
  2. Re: andyowls List of Potential 88/89-rated Risers Is BRUNO SALTOR going to be a regular at Valencia? Surely a slight increase from 88 if he is.
  3. Re: Gold Membership!! cheers guys, tights gits, i was hoping for half price at 100
  4. Hi, I was considering becoming a gold member. My sm rating is 95 so they are offering gold membership at a discounted rate of £11.99. I just wondered if you can get further discount when you rating gets higher. I didnt want to buy it if i can get it cheaper in a few weeks. any help would be appreciated. cheers
  5. Re: Spanish Ratings Domene ALBERT CRUSAT (Almeria) Anyone have a predicted rating for him, been linked with tottenham. All i know is he is a regular on the left wing.
  6. Re: Talented Youngsters From Sweden. great finds, any predicted ratings??
  7. Re: New Owner Needed!!! Anyone interested????? Barcelona are now available and have Cristiano Ronaldo in their squad!!!!!
  8. Re: List of 89s to hit 90s in the next changes (Updated!) I very much doubt Phil Neville and Stillian Petrov will hit 90
  9. Re: New Owner Needed!!! Dont think this is true, because there was another thread set up for people in the same position as me.
  10. Re: New Owner Needed!!! I dont really want to be a gold member, i dont want extra clubs, play in gold setups so it would be a waste of money. I know it was a long shot asking but I just wanted to see if anyone was out there.
  11. I am Currently in a custom game world that now has no owner and had become locked I know this is really cheeky but I wondered if there are any gold members out there willing to pay £2.99 and become the owner. The gameworld is currently in season 7 and is a World Championship with 4 divisions of 20 teams.The setup currently has 26 managed clubs but there are many appealing clubs that are now available to manage they include: Inter Milan AC Milan Manchester United FC Porto Celtic Rangers Manchester City Benfica Lyon Everton CSKA Moscow AS Roma Sevilla and many more. These are t
  12. Re: Young Lower-League Stats Risers In England ! quality stuff, keep it up if you can
  13. Re: Gozgoz8 list for any RISERS, any POSITION, any RATING How much do you think Aly Cissokho can rise?? and will Fucile change from LB/RB to RB/LB??
  14. Re: Turkish Rating Changes Any News on Kewell and Baros?? I amguessing that the will both get +1 Baros 88>89 Kewell 87>88 Is there a chance of anything more than this because I have only looked at stats and rarely see turkish football.
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