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  1. Re: Sergio Ramos i dont know why everyone seems to think dani alves is the best right back in the world. he's really not. everyone just looks far too much at players attacking ability rather than defensive. Dani alves is a defender...technically. The best right back in the world is Maicon. Maicon is solid defensively and he rarely loses the ball when its at his feet. He has a much better control than Alves. Maicon also gives crosses just as well as alves. Maicon also makes much better passes and has much more composure.
  2. The rating changes for the premiership just recently happened. I was shocked at some of the results. My best example was WAYNE ROONEY. How is he a 96! Fernando Torres and Eto'o are 96s. They are the two best scorers in the world. Also for chelsea, how is malouda still a 91 when ashley young is a 90! How is kalou a 92 when ashley young is a 90?!?! And anelka has not been able to score goals recently but based on his first half of the season games, he should be a 93! feel free to comment
  3. Re: Italian Ratings! do you guys think zambrotta will stay or drop. should i buy him?
  4. Re: Angel Di Maria... Rise, Fall or Neutral?
  5. Re: Will Maicon's injury prevent him rising to 95? i dont think injury will affect his rating change. ibisevic got a +3 a long time after he had been declared injured for the rest of the year. I don't think maicon was ever gonna get a 95. I agree that he's the best right back in the world but not by that much. Also, Ramos should never have been a 95.
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    Re: dossena o also i think dossena will drop he's no better than aurelio
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    Re: dossena shaun wright phillips +1 agbonlahor +1 eboue stay eduardo stay (for now) frazer campbell stay delph +5 jo -1 bentley -1 nani -1
  8. Re: Spanish Ratings what do you guys think of simao? I don't think he will drop this time, but do you think he will drop in the next few years. Should i buy him?(detailed opinions appreciated)
  9. Re: David Santon i think 85 but he might rise to an 87 by the end of the season
  10. Re: KAKA TO 97: YES or NO? he should have dropped the last rating schedule. He is not the best player in the world. no reason he should have the best rating.
  11. Re: Quaresma quaresma doesn't belong in italy. italy is a passing game. Quaresma doesn't know what the word "pass" means. He should have gone to spain
  12. Re: Who do you rate best? go with lucio. he isnt going to drop his rating for a while and he's 30
  13. Re: Agger vs Škrteľ they are both defenders. so if you compared their defending, then skrtel is MUCH better than agger. If you compare their offensive skills, then agger has some edge on skrtel. i seriously think that skrtel could become the next vidic, except faster!
  14. I am stuck between buying Laursen or Jaglieka Laursen is rated 90 but he's 31 yrs old Jagielka is rated 88, and he's only 26 Jagielka is in fine form this year and is sure to get a rise to an 89, possibly 90. Laursen is captain of aston villa, who are doing excellent, but he's injured right now. I don't know which player to buy. HELP
  15. i need to sell wendel or govou. (i need money) Wendel is rated 91 and govou is rated 92. Next week is french rating changes and i dont know what their ratings will be after that. there is a good chance that govou's rating will go down. So who should i keep. Wendel or Govou?
  16. What do you guys think will happen to Jesus Navas ratings in the times to come. He is currently ranked at 91 and some could see him as a future star of the future. The only problem is his "homesickness" he can't play for his own country cause he can't leave his country. It will be hard for someone who has mental problems to become a great player. I dont think he can raise to a 92 unless he plays a few games for Spain
  17. Re: Craig Bellamy? he definitely will raise to 89. If he stays healthy and continues playing the way he does...he will rise all the way up to a 91.
  18. Re: Kerrison v Hoarau - who will rise highest? i think its risky. Player rating do get influence by national team call ups. Its harder to break into that star studded brazil team with attackers such as pato, jo, or vagner love. on the other hand hoarau might be on the verge of a call up as france do not have many strikers with his style
  19. Re: Benzema to 94? Honestly i bet that most of you dont even watch french football or benzema. benzema has all the skills of a great forward. pace, dribbling, and incredible shooting. he can score out of anything. i do agree tho that if he wants to get a raise he needs to move on to a bigger league...and start games.
  20. Do you guys think Gourcuff should rise to a 92? I have 3 reason he should 1. He is the best on his team 2. Alou diarra is 91 and Gourcuff contributes more to the team than him. 3. He has started for the French team over Nasri, Govou, and Malouda. Nasri and Govou both have 92 ratings and Malouda has a 91 rating. So how much do you think he will raise?
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