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  1. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread Oblak got a rise to... 87. Fair enough he's young, but it seems pretty stingy for a keeper that starred in Benfica's tripple winning season (and almost quadruple winning). I thought he'd be a strong candidate for 88. Still, by the looks of it there were a few other possible risers that might have missed out pending changes today.
  2. Re: Young GK riser Depends on your budget and rating requirements (given that GK are never unavailable it seems, 2nd or 3rd keepers are just for rising and selling tbh) but I'd say Jan Oblak of Benfica is a good investment. 21yrs old, superb season for Benfica (who narrowly missed out on domestic and European clean sweep) and just 86 rated. He's a shoe in for a +2 to 88 imo and almost certainly will rise further.
  3. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I just hope Italy gets reviewed before England
  4. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions I'm guessing Florenzi is a cert to 90 this time? Or is there any reason to doubt this will happen? I'm weighing up a player + cash trade for Eriksen but Florenzi is the only player I've got who is dispensible in any way and looking at his stats and Roma's performance I'm assuming a rise.
  5. Re: The New Players Thread Bentaleb continues to be picked for Spurs and seems to have become a regular starter ahead of a fit Capoue and Sigurdsson in a team that has picked up 16 out of 18 points in the league. He didn't look great in the cup game against Arsenal, but then again none of the spurs midfield did that day. The best feature of his game that I noticed was that he's very calm under pressure and picks out the right pass, but I think he needs to work on his movement in the attacking third as too often he lets the opponents cut off the passing angle into him when other players are in
  6. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions Bendtner has his own SM database in which he's rated 102.
  7. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions I'd roughly agree with those Arsenal changes but who knows whether SM will be a little cautious ahead of likely elimination in the CL against Bayern and a tougher end to the season (Liverpool, Chelsea, Everton, Spurs all away). I think SM might save the 50/50 risers until season end.
  8. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions Speaking as someone who signed Neymar as soon as he hit the database, I can tell you that his rise was certainly not meteoric. If anything it felt a little slow considering the strides he was making in the league and National team. In fact, when I initially quit SM about 18 months ago he still wasn't of the level where he was making my subs bench... for Grimsby! These things take time, SM gets it right in the end faaaar more than other football games out there.
  9. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions The SM rating system is slow but effective. Yeah, I'd argue that Adnan probably should have got a bigger rise based on his influence and growing status as a first team starter but... 90? Hell, he's only played a handful of games and if Man Utd had been playing as a team as well as they did under Fergie his performances would not have stood out as much as they do now. Barkley is a tough one, but considering he's played about less games than Townsend in the top level, and about as many (less impressive) England appearances, it's faaar too soon to be t
  10. Re: The New Players Thread Yup, Bentaleb started for Spurs against Arsenal in the FA Cup, which was probably a bad idea (especially in a pseudo 4 man midfield away from home) but he played very well in his previous substitute appearances since Sherwood took the manager post. As Sherwood was previously heavily involved in the youth set-up it's pretty clear he must rate Bentaleb if he's thrown him into games like that so quickly. Shaquille Coulthirst is actually regarded pretty well at Spurs but I doubt he's worth picking up straight away unless you're willing to take a gamble.
  11. Re: andros townsend Townsend might only be grabbing headlines now but he's been putting in displays similar to this for years in the reserves and on the odd chances he's been given a run out in League Cup or Europa matches. I'm a Lennon fan, but Andros delivers more consistent end product and decisions. Where Lennon crosses the ball when he's in position, Townsend waits until his team-mates are in position before playing the ball. One of the more contentious parts of his game is his shooting, which it could be argued he does too often. Still, by always threatening to shoot he does give defen
  12. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2012/13
  13. Re: Stadium Building This thread still going eh? My Grimsby in EC1548 are still plodding along winning 5 x Division 1 titles in the last 6 seasons, including 1 perfect (won all domestic and European trophies) season, £150m-£200m in the bank and a total squad of about 130 players to buy/sell in order to pay wages of first teamers... Still playing in 22,900 capacity stadium though. Hasn't seen an increase in a long time so I guess that's as far as it'll go. Similar to others, I'd love to have a smaller squad of about 50-60 players and a stadium big enough to at least partially cover wages bu
  14. Re: 352 is not effective anymore ?!?! I agree that it's not as effective (or so it seems). I usually (last 5/6 seasons) win the league and most cups with my Grimsby side playing 3-5-2. Last season, about 2/3 of the way through, it suddenly seemed to lose it's magic - and not in the usual 'dodgy streak' kind of way. I lost a significant lead to a lower av rating team playing 4-3-3 wingers and continued to experience dodgy results at the start of this season. After 5-6 seasons of dominance with 3-5-2 I think it might be time to look elsewhere...
  15. Re: Iago Falque Well, he's on loan at Southampton at the moment and has played just 56 minutes of a 2-0 loss to Leicester. He performed quite well in the Europa for us though.
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