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  1. Re: Felipe Melo and Lassana Diarra It's not something that can be classed as right or wrong at the moment. In my gameworld I had both players in my Spurs team and needed to raise cash so sold Diarra. The logic behind this is: CLUB: A) Melo is in great form, a guaranteed starter in his club side and likely only to be moving to other CL clubs (Juve / Arsenal) where he would be a starter. While the average ratings of those teams is less than Madrid, they still have top players in the 94/95 categories. Lassana was bought, initially, as cover for Mohammedou and therefore is not guaranteed the starting DM. Added to that, Madrid have so many attacking midfield players now that they may not feel a DM is in keeping with the 'Galactico' spirit - remember how Makalele was made to feel marginalised even though he made the old Galactico's tick? COUNTRY: A) Melo is looking likely to have a starting place in the Brazil World Cup team. They, in turn, are highly likely to get to the later stages of next years WC. Diarra is less likely to have a starting place in the national team, and there are no guarantees that they will get to the World Cup - let alone achieve success there. Therefore, while Lassana has more potential to get to 94/95, it would require EVERYTHING going right for him. Melo, on the other hand, merely needs things to keep going the way they are for him but might take longer to get there.
  2. Re: Player Discussion Politics I'm ready to get insanely flamed for this but... where is the NPL? *covers head* For the last few months I've been relying on creating my own list and using advanced search to spot them, which has been successful enough as I've managed to get Neymar, Coutinho et al before anyone else in my gameworlds but obviously the NPL would save me time. For what it's worth, I'll try to do more to share my spots after I've signed them as I've been jealously guarding gems like Otamendi for ages when I should have shared them on the forum. Wikipedia, for all it's flaws, is a great resource for identifying new callups to national teams and breakthrough U21's and the like.
  3. Re: David Bentley Rating decrease to 89 Bentley has been TERRIBLE when he's played this season. On top of that he's played very few games in 2009 and not involved with England anymore. Fans on Tottenham messageboards want him sold. So... the drop is actually fairly kind to him. Of course, there are a number of factors at play here. Noteably that he's moved to a team that isn't blessed with combative midfield types that will give him the space he needs. Additionally his main product (his deep cross) is pretty much useless when there is only one striker / player with heading ability at Spurs. Are these problems his fault? No. But these factors have combined to make him look pretty **** ordinary.
  4. Re: BUG in the new update It's most likely due to his gametime from Nov-Feb which was minimal due to injury mostly (I believe). Seems harsh as he is a very good defender but there are other defenders out there who have played well and more often than Toure who have also seen drops. To me it seems that SM are drawing more of a line between the "top" teams (Man U, Barca, Inter etc), the challengers (Liverpool, Chelsea, R Madrid) and the underperformers. I'd put Arsenal in that last category now as it's been a loooooooong time since they won anything and have struggled to cement that last CL place frequently (Spurs, Villa and Everton all threatened in recent years).
  5. Re: Giovanni Dos Santos Good??? I'm not convinced he's going to make it. A couple of good displays in pre-season for Spurs flattered to decieve and since then he's either been out of favour, injured or making the odd cameo appearance in unimportant matches. Now he's on loan in the Championship and doing OK without setting the world on fire exactly... Unless you can get him at rock bottom price, and have cash to spare, I wouldn't bother.
  6. Re: Tottenham,fulham and everton ratin changes!!!!!!!! Overall I think a decent job was done with the Spurs changes. RISERS: Palacios went up (only 1, might have been 2) Lennon went up (same deal as Palacios) Ekotto went up by 2 DROPPERS: Chimbonda went down by 1 (fair) Bentley went down by 1 (fair) Zokora went down by 1 (fair) Gilberto went down by 2 (fair) Hutton went down by 1 (fair, due to injury) STAYERS: Modric kept his 91 (fair, maybe a rise next time?) Keane kept his 92 (probably as much on international as club form) Pav kept his 91 (fair) Corluka kept his 91 (fair) Jenas kept 89 (fair) Huddlestone kept 87 (fair) Defoe kept 90 (fair) King kept his 89 (if he was fit he'd be a 91/92 tbh) Dawson kept his 87 (could have got a +1 but not many games recently) Cudicini (maybe should have dropped again but tricky with backup keepers) Bent kept 88 (fair) Bale kept his 87 (should have dropped)
  7. Re: Tottenham,fulham and everton ratin changes!!!!!!!! Aye, this is clearly not correct. BAE should rise to 87 or 86 at the very worst. Not sure if Woodgate deserves a drop either - played a lot of games and very consistant this season even when things were not going well. Chimbonda is a more likely dropper if anything.
  8. Re: Pereira RAFAEL CARIOCA - Grêmio Probably more of a "keeper" for those planning to sell for a quick buck who dont need the cash right now. A rise of 2 might be on the cards which is worth hanging on for I'd guess.
  9. Re: Pereira RAFAEL CARIOCA - Grêmio A quick check of the first few matches in the Russian league suggests he's played 3 games, providing 1 assist so far. Could be one to keep...
  10. Re: Utk's English League Prediction Gomes may stay 91. His form recently has been impressive and I doubt that SM would want to adjust him down, then back up again just because he had a dodgy start to his Spurs career. Not sure Bale is a good long term prospect anymore. Ekotto has cemented LB at the moment with some very good performances. Ekotto will reach 87 - played loads of games and is looking very good at the moment. Dervitte might get a rise due to loan appearances. Not sure how high. Corluka might drop to 90, but hasn't actually done anything wrong this season. 90 would be harsh on that basis. Modric is more likely to rise to 92 than drop to 90. He and Lennon have been the outstanding players but I'm thinking a stay at 91, rising to 92 (or 93) within the year. Lennon will get 89 and looking at another rise if he keeps up this form. I think Keane will drop to 91, due to lack of appearances at 'Pool and Pavyluchenko might also drop to 90.
  11. Re: Jonathan Obika Aye, they should get quite a few games at that level on loan. Obika I'm not convinced will be a Prem player - at least not with Spurs. Townsend is a better all round prospect but is some way off the first team. Other fringe Spurs players that will see more action on loan are Adel Taraabt, Dorian Dervitte and Giovanni Dos Santos. Taraabt has already featured strongly in his first couple of games at QPR and might - eventually - learn to pass the ball to team mates. He has truly amazing skill and would be one of the best young players in the Prem if he had more awareness of those around him. Dos Santos has also done well so far (and scored, like Taraabt) but appeared to get a knock in the last game. Dervitte has been excellent on loan so far and I fully expect him to be the 4th choice CB next season behind King, Woodgate and Dawson. Bostock is quietly going about his business but I think a few people expected him to be featuring more heavily this season than he has.
  12. Re: hello and so called improvements I dunno - it seems to me that forum surfing for high rising players is about as close as you'd get in the game environment to having a scouting network. The players who spend the most time looking for good risers are the ones who reap the most reward. Where is becomes lob sided is when some teams buy up litterally everyone in the space of a week or so. Maybe the cap should be on number of transfers completed over a period of 7 days - up to 10 or something.
  13. Re: New Home page Changes always take a while to get used to but, I dunno, this change feels extremely counter-intuitive. I'm a little confused as to the logic behind it as the old frontpage was just about ideal IMO (aside from some of the banner content but I know the official line on that one )
  14. Re: Gozgoz8's list for player 30 years old or above that will rise(VERY USEFUL FOR LOW BUDGET TEAM!!!) Gomes started last night with Cudicini on the bench. Fairly average performance from Gomes but a clean sheet all the same. Cudicini to remain a bench player for now I'd say but 'maybe' worth a punt on the basis that he will get a chance again if Gomes drops a clanger or gets injured (which he does appear prone to).
  15. Re: complete English Premier League Predictions Spurs players in with a shout of an increase would include Assou-Ekotto, Lennon and possibly Palacios. Some of the players in line for a drop are Gomes, Bentley and maybe Pavlyuchenko (although his cup goals might keep him in it). Ones to watch out for in the future (on the fringe of first team action) are Bostock and Parrett.
  16. Re: Gozgoz8's list for player 30 years old or above that will rise(VERY USEFUL FOR LOW BUDGET TEAM!!!) I guess we'll find out by next weekend when Spurs travel to Sunderland. If Cudicini makes two consecutive appearances on Weds ('Boro) and Sat then he's first choice - if Gomes plays against Sunderland then he is. Cudicini was arguably worse than Gomes in terms of handling crosses against Hull last week so I don't think he's a shoe-in. Anyways - give it till after the weekend to see whether Cudicini is likely to be worth purchasing.
  17. Re: Gozgoz8's list for player 30 years old or above that will rise(VERY USEFUL FOR LO
  18. Just recently I've noticed a hell of a lot of managerless clubs hiring a manager, then the manager leaving after 0 or 1 games. Although there is no suspicious activity involved (transfer wise) it does seem like some of these managers just go off and do the same again with another club. Unless there is something like this in place already, I'd suggest restricting managers from taking up new posts if they have quit more than 1 club in the preceeding two week period. Should, hopefully, make people think twice before taking over at clubs they're not really interested in.
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